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ECA for Post Graduate Diploma in Management(2-years)

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Uthra, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    I have done my Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in a college called PSG Institute of Technology which is accredited by AICTE and NBA and Not by AIU. It is an autonomous college. My UG was from Anna University which is quite direct. My question here is,

    1. Should I go with WES/ ICES/ CES/ IQAS to evaluate my PGDM? (Heard WES didn't recognize my college)
    2. As my degree is from the autonomous college which is not accredited from AIU, should I provide any extra certificate to show equivalency of an MBA degree?

    It would be great if somebody could help me with this. Thanks.
  2. How do you know whether your college is an autonomous college or not? Is it present in this list - https://www.ugc.ac.in/oldpdf/colleges/autonomous_colleges-list.pdf?

    If it is not there, not no evaluation agency will accept transcripts and degree issued by PSG Insitute of Technology. If your college is not an autonomous college, the degree and transcripts need to be issued/attested by the university it is affiliated to.
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  3. It is not there in the link. Other degrees in my college are issued by Anna university, but PGDM. (My Degree Certificate holds my college name not the university name).
  4. Unless your college is not on the autonomous college list of UGC, your college is not allowed to issue degree and transcripts with their name and must be issued by the university it is affiliated to.
  5. I am sorry, It is there in the list- Under Anna university affiliated colleges.

    How shall I proceed now?
  6. If you have already applied. to WES and WES rejected it, appeal to WES for reconsideration and send them the list which recognises the attribution.
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  7. I am yet to apply. I am confused which one to choose WES or IQAS. I atleast need them to evaluate the degree as post education diploma degree rather than as a degree from non recognized institution.
  8. You can go to ICES/ IQAS.
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  9. It seems IQAS aren't responding or updating the status properly. Do you know how long is their processing time ?
  10. IQAS is taking almost 3 months time to open the transcripts package and that is when the status in the system gets updated. I think now they are opening April transcripts package.
  11. Omg! That's really a lot of time. How much time does ICES take ?
  12. ICES has now updated their timelines to 20 weeks. I got mine from ICES in March that time it took 3 months.

    You can also try UOT
  13. Thank you very much for the guidance. I will read about UOT.
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  14. Sir, I am sorry to bother you again.

    Will WES consider my PGDM from an autonomous college (listed) as Post diploma degree ?

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