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Early childhood educator works parttime as Human Resourse Manager- FSW

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by dnagarajand, May 6, 2015.

  1. Dear Folks

    My wife works as a Early childhood instructor (primary school teacher) in a matriculation school here in India.
    She is M.A. sociology from Mumbai university, is she eligible for FSW?

    Does she require BEd to apply for PR in through express entry system.

    We are confused because NOC 4214(4214 -Early Childhood Educators and Assistants) require the following:

    Early childhood educators
    A bachelor's degree or college diploma in early childhood education is required.
    Progression to senior positions, such as day-care supervisor, is possible with experience.
    Early childhood educator assistants
    Completion of secondary school is usually required.
    Experience in child care, such as babysitting, is required.
    Completion of an early childhood education assistant certificate program may be required.

    But My wife does not have a Degree related to Education (BEd).

    She is also working PART TIME as a Human resources Manager in my friends company since six years.
    But only the salary from the school comes through the Bank., for part time she takes salary in cash.

    our doubt is:

    shall we apply using NOC code - 0112 Human Resources Managers.
    My friend is ready to provide with reference letters.
    Plus under this Noc code her degrees are also matching with requirements. ( MA sociology + Diploma HRM).
    Will cic ask or check for Bank accounts?

    Some one please throw some light on us.
  2. I guess not having required education as per NOC requirement can be a problem with some assessing agents. It is better that you apply under HRM.But do not forget to mention number of working hours per week/year in the reference letter to get your part time job calculated for equivalent experience.
    Moreover primary school teacher NOC is different from Early childhood teacher. Early childhood is Like pre nursery teacher.
    Salary in cash or bank does not make any difference. Do not forget to keep copies of pay stubs ready for reference.

    As far as bank accounts are concerned, CIC will definitely cross check with the bank and may also ask the statement of account up to 1year from the current date if not satisfied.
  3. @bindudhiman

    Thanks for this great reply.
  4. Today I got an email from VO, stating that I am not eligible for PR as my employment (4214) and my education doesn’t match. Right now am working with call center, but before joining call center I was working as nursery teacher in India.
    Also, they mentioned that there is no evidence of form 16 or income tax return & salary transferred to bank for 4214.
    Lots of small nursery schools in India Pay by cash or Cheque, and that time I never bothered about income tax because salary was very low & that was the reason I moved to call center for higher package.

    Though they have written in their email that they’re giving me last opportunity of 30 days to explain & provide supporting documents.

    Can anyone in this forum help me……feeling very low, depressed, demotivated……feeling like crying….
  5. I am so sorry Sheena. So what can be done to salvage your application? I don't have golden answers but hope bumping this to the top will bring it to forum attention again.
    I didn't think FSW required that you have the education for the NOC as long as you proved you performed the duties and lead statement of the NOC. Dig deep. How did you get your job? What practical experience did you have that made them hire you for the position? Do you have solid proof of duties matching NOC? What proof can you get to prove you were paid? Can you go back to employer for copy of ledger showing your pay?
    As FSW is for skilled workers you have to find a way to prove you are skilled. Be careful with words indicating you are better off with call centre job than as a nursery teacher or it will decrease chances further that CIC will see your previous experience as skilled. I hope this helps you sort things out. Good luck.

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