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During your eligibility period did you live outside of Canada

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by CanadianIdol259, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. I am not sure whether to click yes or no here. I got my PR of Canada in oct 2011 and then went back to my home country for 2 years and then came back to Canada in Aug 2013 to live permanently. Now the eligibility period is from Oct 2012 to Oct 2017 which means I was living out of Canada during my eligibility period. But if I click yes to this question then it tells me to fill up the residence outside of Canada form which is only for people living outside Canada with Crown Servants and Spouses of Crown Servants which does not apply to me. So What should I do here ? When I click on help this is what it says in red below.

    There are very rare circumstances that will let you count time outside of Canada towards your physical presence calculation. If you resided outside of Canada because either:

    • you
    • your Canadian citizen or permanent resident spouse or common law partner
    • permanent resident parent
    was employed outside Canada (not as a locally engaged person) in or with:

    • the Canadian Armed Forces
    • the federal public administration
    • the public service of a province or territory
    Complete the Residence Outside of Canada form (CIT 0177) and submit any supporting documents requested in that form with your application.
  2. This is one of the most tricky questions ever, anyway I will say NO and will attach a sheet explain that this is not applicable to me as per CIC agent's recommendation. Some people here recommend say Yes but explain in a seprate sheet that the form for crown servant is not applicable to you.
  3. Are you in a rush? Could you just wait until next year and apply then? I would worry having to explain the long absence from Canada and frankly, at the moment there is such a rush on CIC that waiting might not be such a bad idea?
  4. Thanks Mosaab ... Just would like to know did you actually talk to a CIC agent and he asked you to say No ??
  5. I am not in a rush but i just want to get this over with ..
  6. It is your choice. As said I would do anything to avoid suspicion or complications or the risk of having to go through RQ. I was in the country for nine years before applying under the old rule. Frankly, but that might just be me...CIC will be flooded with new applications and they have to work through the backlog of the old ones, I would not want my file somewhere in there particularly if my case might raise a question. I am no lawyer or have any inside knowledge, just my two pennies.
  7. Yes I did yesterday, the agent was a bit surprised about this question. He put me on hold and went to ask someone who is more expert then came to tell me that answer NO and explain.

    Even for whoever says answer Yes and explain makes sense as well, for Yes is the right answer but then you need that silly form to be filled!!
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  8. Well .. but the rush will get worse from the way it is going .. CIC will never clear the backlog and if I wait a year its probably going to get worse .. but this is not a bad idea .. atleast things may be streamlined by then.

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