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Dubai: Online Application VS Paper Based for TRV. Evaluate Profile.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by mewmew123, May 17, 2018.

  1. Hi.

    I am a South Asian living in Dubai. Currently doing business in UAE with 45% shareholding. My company was established in 1999. I would like to visit Toronto for tour and looking for prospective places to do academic research in future. I have few question. Is it better to apply online or through VFS in Wafi Mall?

    I am presenting the following docs:
    - IMM 5853, IMM 5257, IMM 5707
    - Personal Bank Statements (funds around CAD 15k) - self funding the trip.
    - Company License copy
    - Letter from Local Partner
    - Photographs
    - Air ticket, hotel reservation, and insurance.
    - Personal Letter (stating my intent of travel)

    Travel history: I have been to Some Gulf countries, Singapore, Thailand.

    I am planning to stay for a week. Ps. my age is 25.

    Pls evaluate my profile. Do I need anything more to make my application stronger?
  2. To start with, I would not mention that you're visiting to look for places for a study program/academic research. It indicates the intention to remain long-term in Canada, and could lead to a TRV refusal.

    In case VFS does not accept your business and other documents, then apply as an online submission.

    That being said, the mode of application is irrelevant. What matters is the specifics of your application supported by hard evidence/explanations.

    a. Include a detailed day-by-day plan for your visit with expense estimates. Your funds should cover the cost of this visit plan + airfare + surplus funds

    b. Hopefully, none of this money was transferred from your company/business bank account and/or borrowed from anyone.

    You need to include several more documents than just this.

    Focus points: To prove your business is actively trading + you manage this business on a day-to-day basis

    Do NOT submit your application with the list of documents you stated. It won't work.

    You must demonstrate you have really compelling reasons to return to your home country and also to UAE: Property/land ownership (not owned by a relative) + dependent family members + financial investments + compelling work/personal reasons to return home + your immigration status in the UAE (all documents in English or translated into English by a certified translator)

    None of these countries will count for your TRV.

    The fact that you're young may work against you as the visa officer may believe you will overstay your visit
  3. Well. My plan is to do a Masters or Ph.D in Canada next year or so to be precise. That's the reason I want to visit the country now and see how's it. Will a TRV refusal and indeed affect my future study purpose? My main purpose is to study; so applying directly for study visa after getting approved is a better idea than visiting prior?

    a-If I travel, I'll be funding everything. How to show a day-to-day plan?
    b-All are my personal savings in my saving account.

    Can you give some example?

    My company trade license states my shareholding and the company is active since 1999. How can I show the day-to-day management activity?

    My visa status is a residence visa. Since I'm a business partner, it's validity is for 3 years. That is the maximum duration of visa one gets in UAE and probably something close to a permanent residency in Western countries. Personal reason: downside- I'm not married, upside: my parents live in UAE. Work reason: I am managing company and developing certain segments of it. My main investment in UAE is my company and liquid cash. Are these insufficient?

    I mentioned this as I heard (not sure) they look for travel history. Will a Schengen visa make a difference or count for TRV?

    I am sad to know that. Here's the thing. My main aim is to pursue higher education. Is going for a TRV before and checking the country better or just apply conventionally for study visa after being selected by a university (I am targeting mid-top ranked univ.) and then go to Canada for studies. Is there anything in my profile that will get me rejected for student visa?
  4. Considering your visitor profile, IMO, it would be a better idea to apply for a study permit instead of a TRV.

    A company/business could be active since several years but may not be trading actively on a day-to-day basis. You would need to include business registrations + affiliations to professional entities (personal and/or by your company) + audit report + profit-loss statement + work contracts/purchase orders + company profile/company website + tax returns + company bank statement + rent/lease for commercial office + evidence of hiring employees/salaries paid to employees + a well-defined organization hierarchy/chart and your day-to-day responsibilities within this workplace + why no one else can manage your work responsibilities, etc etc

    Are your parents dependent on you financially and/or for their well-being?
    Do they live with other family members that earn an income or that can take care of them?

    Liquid cash won't work, unless you can prove the source of that cash was earned by you with evidence.

    Not just a visa in the passport, but visitor travel history built over time to countries like the US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ, etc

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