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Driving License extract from India - Noida / UP

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by ash137, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    I wanted to check if anyone has been able to get a Driving license extract (experience certificate) in Noida / Ghaziabad region in India ....
    I have been told that no such letter can be created by the RTO ...

    Any inputs would be helpful.

  2. Yes, got it from Noida RTO. When are you flying? Which area in noida are you from? I am from Sector 21
  3. Thanks. Just sent you a message, please check the forum inbox.
  4. Just to close the loop on this one -

    One can get a DL extract in Noida (its called DL Confirmation letter) and just need to find the right person in/around the License office to get you that letter....
  5. Final update -

    The experience letter issues from the license authority in Noida was accepted by DL office in Canada without any issues.
  6. HI Can yout post the letter/ format of the letter. i am asked for same by drive test centre, I am from punjab.
  7. Ash137, Pranav

    Can you please post the copy of letter, how does it look like, I am facing a challenge with my local RTO in Haryana.
    I can show yours to educate that about the format, feel and practice of giving it to citizens as being done by other states/cities.
    Many thanks for your help
  8. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-36NHq78tYRA/VHo2jU1G8nI/AAAAAAAAL5s/KQhwCSf8nHk/s1600/Authenticity%2BLetter.jpg
  9. I am travelling with family in a months time and residing in sector 137 noida . Please inbox me any reference who could help me getting the DL confirmation letter from RTO here . Many thanks in advance.
  10. Anybody who had gotten the letter from Bangalore RTO?
  11. Hi Shally, Which place in Canada are you landing?? I too would be travelling around same time and just thought of connected with a few people in advance.
    Thanks. Nitin Agarwal
  12. Hi,

    My license is old letter format from Etawah. Its not showing up in Parivahan or saarathi aap.
    Can I get my DL From Noida RTO ?

    Please help me, I am really stuck in it.

  13. I have my license done from Lucknow UP Rto, can I get the DL extract from NOIDA UP RTO? Please suggest me.
  14. Hi, Can anyone please provide any pointer to get driving licence extract from Ghaziabad. I am already in Canada. Any quick help will be highly appreciated. TIA
  15. Jai Ram G ki , I from Harayan too facing the same problem did you get any solution? if you still have the format could you please forward it to me please ?

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