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Driver's license in Canada

Discussion in 'Resources for Finding a Canadian Job' started by sharat_joshi77, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I was reading through one website and it was mentioned that we need to have Driving License G1 first, then G2 and then G.
    G1 (learner's) allows the driver to drive with a fully-licenced driver

    My question is, If I am immigrating to canada and am alone, how can i drive my car with G1 ?
    is it possible to get Full-License (G Level) in first attempt ?
  2. Nop. Unless your license is in the group considered for a direct exchange. You have to dive into the Ministry of Transportatiojn Web page to find that out
  3. This is a provincial matter so the rules you are referring to are in Ontario.

    If you arrive with no foreign drivers license or a brand new one, you may take the written exam to get the G1 license but you must do your one year waiting period before you can do a road test and get a G2 license. If you take a course at a approved driving school, the waiting period is cut down from 12 to 8 months.

    If you have a foreign license and 1-2 years driving experience, if you have a drivers abstract from police or transport authority in your country as well as an English or French translation of your license and drivers abstract, you may challenge the basic road test right away and get a G2 license without a waiting period.

    If you have more than 2 years experience, you can challenge the advanced road test and get a G license right away.

    You can read about this here: http://www.drivetest.ca/en/license/exchangeoutprov.aspx

    I also think these rules are not very friendly to immigrants who do not have a license already. In Canada, most people are taught how to drive by their parents during their teenage years so it does not really matter if they can not drive alone for a year. It is their practice time. For an immigrant however, especially one who is alone in Canada and needs to get a license, since they will not know anybody to drive around with, the practice year becomes a waiting year and it will not at all make them a better driver.
  4. Thanks thezieglers, Leon.

    I have a valid driver's License of Mexico as I was there for about 3 years.
    Hope that should work and I can get the G2 with that.

    This was a good information and thanx a tom for that !!! :)
  5. well said
  6. Very good said :) that's very long period! :eek: Yet it' surely cheaper than italian driving license.
  7. I am living in Alberta, I have international driver license with 7 years experience. Currently i got Class5 advance ( full license ) I just went to license Centre and did written exam and did a road test. No need to wait 1 or 2 years period.
  8. Hey Meya06, which country's driving license did you swap for a Canadian DL?

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