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Driver record from California for DL exchange in Ontario

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by letsgotocan, May 13, 2019.

  1. I am planning to move in permanently to Ontario next month (completed by soft landing as a PR earlier). I will be moving from California, USA.

    I tried getting my "driver record" from DMV here in California in order for my DL(driver license) exchange in Ontario.

    But noticed that the driver record from DMV California, does not have the original date when the DL was first issued, rather only has the date (in my case it was last year) when the DL was renewed (last renewal). Also, it only has the address records for the past 2 years and not more.

    I checked with the local DMV office and they categorically said that this is the only record they give and only the misdemeanor/offences (if applicable) are carried over for the past 10 years are reported and not the history of the DL possession itself. And even this is not clearly mentioned (they dont mention misdemeanors/offences history since "xx/xx/xxxx" anywhere).

    Though I have all of my old driver licenses, I am not sure if those will be accepted by Ontario as a proof of 2+ years of driving in the USA. Also, I am not sure if this will help negotiating decent auto insurance rates.

    Has anyone moved to Canada recently from California faced this situation before? If so, could you please enlighten, is it possible to get any other driver history records from California DMV?

    Thank you!
  2. In Ontario, you need the document mailed to you from the dmv. They dont accept the print outs given by the local office or from online. They are adamant in not accepting even if you show the driver license, seems that they think that all are fake. So dont take chances, you will have to get the document mailed from dmv head office hence request soon and get it while moving.
    So use the form https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/online/dr/welcome INF1125 (PDF). Possibly get the certified one(seems no charge).
    This should have the date issued and expiry.

    FYI - I moved from MI, not from CA.
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  3. Thank you. I got it from my local DMV office, after filling out INF1125, and it is not an online print out. Disappointing to hear that they do not accept the letters from local offices too!! I still have a few more weeks, let me try to get this done ASAP.

    Not sure if in MI you get the complete record. In CA, the DL history appears unhelpful (with just the last renewal mentioned) for the purpose requested! Do you know of anyone on similar boat with CA DL history?
  4. In michigan i did not get enough details about the records hence i had to get it through mail. I think that what ontario guys wanted is that the letter they attach it with the record shows that its authentic from that dept. Dont know but assuming thats what they need mainly but the record with issue and expiry dates. Also not all details were there from local dmv hence through mail we get full detail, not sure about CA though.
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  5. @letsgotocan Were you able to exchange with your INF 1125? I've the exact same issue. I've ordered for INF 70 that is supposed to have more detailed history but it's taking longer.
  6. I just received the California drivers record using 1125 form. It has the original date of issue from 14 yrs ago.
  7. @navinball I got my INF 1125 by visiting the DMV and it didn't show me the first license issue date. Could you let me know what information you put in INF 1125 that made them put in the first issue date? Also, did you send it by post or visited the DMV?
  8. I asked my bro to mail it for me and put his address as return address. Keep in mind they don't accept scans so it has to have original sign. Check the box 'certify as true copy'. Rest of the stuff in the form is pretty straightforward. I think the requests in mail have the original issue date.
  9. I tried the mail route. It still doesn't show the original issue date. I suspect it has to do with limited term licenses linked to visa durations. Presumably not the case with you?
  10. thats odd. for some reason during my california dl renewals they never asked for my visa status and always gave me 5 yr renewals. i guess im listed as a citizen in the dmv register or something. i used to get jury duty mails as well.
  11. Went to the drive test center today, funnily they did not even ask for an extract, they took my old dl looked up some info and got the exact original license issue date from their system through some black magic or something. I think all usa state databases are hooked up to canada ones.
  12. hey. I encountered the same issue as you maybe because of my H1b status in USA. Did you figure the problem out? the Auto insurance in Ontario is so expensive. I'm looking to have my driving history included.. it could save a lot...

  13. I couldn’t figure out a way since both in person visits and mail response for my request from dmv also had the same problem. Fortunately by the time I applied for my license in Ontario I had completed 2 years since last renewal in California. So I kinda scraped through! But i gave the guys here all my California licenses and made sure they recorded that history in their system (sadly they kept all those old licenses for themselves even the expired ones). This fact and my insurance history from the states helped in getting decent insurance rates in Ontario.
  14. thank you for your reply and I really appreciate you sharing your experience.. That's so fortunate! So sad I just renewed my DL earlier this year. Not sure how it'll turn out :(
    By the way may I ask which insurance broker you go with? I called an insurance broker and he asked me for 1) an official driver' record from DMV (which apparently will be less a year) and 2) letter of experience from all my past insurance companies. Is it normal?
  15. In my case I had to settle for the G2 :(
    I went with TD insurance - got a small discount for also doing home insurance with them.
    They did not ask for a letter from previous insurance company but I did have one from my previous auto insurer in the US.

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