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Double Nationality, Double Passport Inquiry

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by priamXus, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Hello there ! I have a simple doubt that I need to clarify.

    I have Argentine and Italian citizenships, therefore, the two passports.

    On my Argentinian passport I have a valid TRV and and regarding my Italian passport I have linked an eTA to it.

    My question is, currently I’m in Canada and I have to leave, I’ll be coming back in two months more or less, I’ve been told at a bank, when opening an account, that if I have a TRV it’s better to enter with the passport related to it to make it easier at migrations, is this true?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Not true.

    As a visitor, both passports (a visa-exempt and a visa-required) help you to only board the flight to Canada. How long you are actually allowed to stay will depend on your previous length of stay + your ability to convince the CBSA officer that you're a genuine short-stay visitor who is not violating visa privileges
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  3. Totally agree about your words, but what I’m asking is about the document itself, not if you are getting higher chances or something like that, I know that the decision relies on the officer.
  4. Not sure what you want to know and for what reason
  5. Reason? I’m currently in Canada. I’ll leave and comeback in two months. I have to present either of the two passports. Each one has different documentation.

    What I want to know? If the TRV has more weight since it’s a legal document, next to the eTA, since I presented biometrics and several documentation, like financial status for example, to get it and I quote:

    “A temporary resident visa (TRV) is an official counterfoil placed in a person’s passport to show that they have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident.”

    Although I know and it’s stated that it does not guarantees the entry.
  6. I recall an ambassador telling me to always use the stronger travel document depending on the country you’re travelling to; in this case it would be your TRV. (If you were to travel to Italy or Argentina, you’d always use those countries’ respective passports.)

    As for the bank, I think it would be the same principle, just to make sure there is less ambivalence.
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  7. Thanks tons ! That’s what I really wanted to know. Really appreciate it :)

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