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does anyone got visa here while working ?

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nawabsaab, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. hello everyone we mostly here with the quebec program including me.
    so i got a question from you guys , Does anyone here got visa in dependent b categorie while working ?
    My sister is going to malaysia for work visa as her study n all is completed so we want that she got PR also but the circumstances changes as the canadian embassy took lots of time while doing the process. Well i am surely sending her passport for the visa i might think they can understand the situation but i jus wanna confirm that is there anyonee got the visa after leaving the full time study as dependant B ?
  2. If your sister was 22 years or older when the application was submitted, then she must remain a full time student until the application is fully processed and she receives her visa. If she stops attending school full time she will be dropped from the application. There are no exceptions to this rule. CIC will not take into consideration the fact that it took a long time to process the application.

    If your sister was under 22 years of age when the application was submitted, the she can stop attending school and start working - but she cannot get married or become common law.
  3. she completed masters now wat ? phd ?
  4. Sure. Or a second Masters.

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