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Document submission for SNIP program


Oct 11, 2019
Hi ,
I recently got the invitation to submit an application under SINP Express entry sub category.
One of the document to submit is Passport. they are saying if you are living in a country that is different from your nationality , then include a copy of your visa for the country you currently live.

Currently I am living with family in US on L1B. Last year in august I got the visa extension approval till August 2020 , so I have i797 approval notice and valid i94 till august 2020. But I don't have visa stamping on Passport for the extension.

My question is that along with copy of passport (which does not have stamping for extension) , can I submit copy of i797 and i94 as a proof of legal stay in US or do I have to have a stamping done?

Please help if someone had the similar situation or can give any lead.
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Apr 12, 2016
Just submit the full passport copy.. Front and back bio pages as page 1 and 2 followed by remaining. no need of anything else.
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