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Do need to have lived in country of residence for at least 3 years prior to IEC?


Jul 29, 2015
Hi there again, I have another important question!

So I've been reading a lot in this forum und I came across this restriction for the IEC Working Holiday Visa where you supposedly must've lived the last 3 years prior to application of IEC, in your home/country of residence/citizenship country if you want to apply for IEC. Is that correct?

I am from Germany but studied in the US from 2009-2011 and then went to Germany for work and back to US for work from 9/2012-8/2015. So I was in Germany for 8 month in 2012. Then in the US, and now I am as tourist in Canada (I did not go back to Germany yet, just drove up to Canada from USA), I applied for IEC from the US prior to going to Canada as tourist.

BUT if it is true that you have to have lived in Germany 3 years prior to apply for IEC then I do not qualify, do I???
Can someone explain?

If I am eligible (I am already in PHASE 2 and got my CAL, just waiting for 3 police certificates) Now I am deliberating if I should wait here for the approval or fly to Germany, as I was told my police certificates that I need will take up to 2 month to process. But flight prices currently are INSANE and I would need to take my cat with me also so extra money for vet certificate to import cat to EU and extra money for cat cargo which will cost me at least USD $2000-2200, so for that money I might as well stay in Canada and do a nice road trip/vacation. I also have my car up here and would need to pay for storage/garage if I leave to Germany and wait for the approval.

What do you think? Should I just wait here for police certificates or go to Germany? Am I eligible or are they gonna deny as I did not live in Germany for the last 3 years? I read somewhere a dutch person got denied because he lived in South Africa too long before IEC application.

I found this on CIC (It does not state that you must have lived in Germany for 3 years prior to application:
Determine your eligibility

Note: As a German citizen you may participate in IEC twice. You must choose a different category each time.

To be eligible for the Working Holiday category, you must:

be a German citizen,
have a valid German passport for the duration of your stay in Canada – your work permit in Canada will not be longer than the validity of your passport,
be between the ages of 18 and 35 (inclusive) at the time of application,
have the equivalent of C$2,500 to help cover your expenses,
be able to take out health insurance for the duration of your stay – you may have to present evidence of this insurance when you enter Canada,
be admissible to Canada,
have, prior to departure, a round-trip ticket or the financial resources to purchase a departure ticket for the end of your authorized stay in Canada,
not be accompanied by dependents and
pay the fees.


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There is no residency requirement for Germans: