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Do I need to mail my eMedical Information Sheet after ME?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by epohymCanada, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I did my medical exam on 23rd Nov 2018. Once it was done the nurse gave me the eMedical Information Sheet and told me to mail it to the "Embassy".
    I replied that my application was processed in the Hong Kong VO and I don't know whether it's the Hong Kong VO or Ottawa who's currently processing it, but it's unrelated to the "Embassy". The nurse replied that she has no idea on the details but it's her duty to inform all the examinees to do what's mentioned above.
    Actually this ME is the second one I've taken. I took the first one in October last year which has expired. I checked my records on it. Nothing was required to be mailed at that time.
    Does anyone of you have similar experiences? Do I have to mail my eMedical Information Sheet? If so, where should I send it, the Hong Kong VO, Ottawa, or really the "Embassy"?
    Friends, please help, thanks.
    My application information and timeline:
    Outland OINP Paper-based Single Applicant
    - Aug 4 2017 File Received
    - Sep 19 2017 AOR
    - Oct 12 2017 File Transferred to HKVO
    - Oct 16 2017 MR
    - Oct 23 2017 MP
    - Mar 6 2018 Invitation to Pre-arrival Services
    - Nov 5 2018 Ghost Update
    - Nov 22 2018 MR (2nd)
    - Nov 27 2018 Ghost Update (2nd)
    - Nov 27 2018 MP (2nd)
    Waiting for DM and PPR

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