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Do I need to apply to extend stay early if listed 90 days stay?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by joeschmoe, Dec 4, 2018.

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    So long story short, friend of ours came to Canada to visit and put in duration of stay of 90 days on the customs declaration paper/computer system (landed on terminal 3 in Toronto so all paperless now). The plan all along was for him to stay a bit longer than that but at the time we both thought they were only allowed to be here for 3 months. My question is does he need to apply to extend his stay now that the 90 day listed in his customs declaration is coming up, or can he safely stay an extra month (I since found out the max. allowed stay is 120 days for our part of EU country, no visa required)? Anyone know?
  2. If there's no handwritten date in his passport, he can stay for up to six months. If he would like to stay longer than these 6 months, he must apply for an extension approx. one month before the six months is over

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