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DM on Ecas but GCKey says 8 month wait

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by SJROSIE, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hey SJROSIE,

    Funny, I'm also a Dutchie living in Ireland, sponsored by my Canadian wife (we got 1 daughter, born in Ireland but with both Dutch/Canadian passports) Seems like your application went in a flush! I applied in August 2018 and still waiting for DM. Is your application processed in Mississauga?
  2. Yep - we sent it to Sydney NS and then it was shifted to Mississauga.

    Hopefully you get your answer soon! x
  3. Thanks! You guys are extremely lucky not to have ended up in the London hell : ) We are now being asked for resubmission of forms, because 12 months is almost due and forms expire. The story goes on and on and on.......
  4. Did they direct you to send it to London?

    Our application directed us to Sydney.

    Sorry though - that sucks
  5. Yes, all applications first go to Sydney and the next step is for your application to be forwarded to the local visa office (for you and me + many other countries it's London) However, as London is so jammed up at the moment, they process many of them in Mississauga. This is a total random selection, so you won the jackpot : ) If your application ended up in London, it would have been spring/summer of 2020 that you would have gotten your DM.

    Ah well, as long as it won't take much more than the 12 months they stated, I'm all cool with it. I'm just scared it may go way over it....
  6. We got our letter with instructions to send photographs in.

    Do you guys know - do ALL photos go to London for the eTA?
  7. I am getting the passport back with COPR likely tomorrow according to the tracking and GCKEY still says 8 months, so you are just fine. Don't stress it, the gckey estimate means nothing.
  8. Es-tu de Quebec?
  9. Non... je suis de l'Ontario, j'ai vecu a Montreal pour 9 ans. You must be excited hehehe, next stop you need to get that certificate at CFO...

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