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dispatched passport

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by fhmdv, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. "Your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office and sent to VAC"

    Hi guys. Does this message usually means approval or rejection? Any ideas?
  2. Because of the word "processed" I am thinking approved, but maybe not! The lingo here is sometimes hard to decipher. But it means that there was a decision made on your application, so if you want to know for sure maybe you can call CIC directly or the VAC?
  3. Neither CIC nor VAC would be able to tell anything more than the "dispatched passport" status.

    There's no way of knowing if the application was approved until the processed passport is received
  4. Hey Bryanna!

    I think I'll be in the same boat in a few weeks and would like some clarification on that if you don't mind! We applied for a TRV at a VAC here in Guatemala and handed in our application in person with original passport. They told us they would call us once they receive our passport back from the Embassy but could not tell us if we were approved or not, which I found odd. So if I understand correctly, we will know when we pick up our passport? If approved, there will be a stamp or something? And if denied, a letter of explanation?
    There has to be a way to know before actually picking up our passport, no?

    Thank you!! :)
  5. Hi CaroM8,

    I do not know how it works in Guatemala.... otherwise it is possible to get email updates when a decision is made.... or when the processed passport is dispatched to the VAC..... or for a small fee, the processed passport can be couriered to your residence. It seems like you'll be waiting by the phone for the VAC to let you know if they have received your processed passport :)

    The VAC is only a collection center acting on behalf of the Canadian visa office. They do not influence the decision process in any way.

    True for all questions

    It's a guessing game until one actually gets the processed passport :)

    Hope you get the TRV soon :)
  6. Hey when did u apply?
  7. Thanks for info Bryanna,
    Curious_123, I applied 2 weeks ago
  8. Hey guys!

    I just received the same message! "Your processed passport has been dispatched...etc". We applied last Friday (March 13) and got this message today (March 19), so quick! But no clue if it was approved or not, thoughts??? Until we can go to the city to pick up the passport I guess we won't know for sure..
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  9. hi,
    got same message yesterday.
    I applied on march2, 2015 and got message today.
    please update about visa
  10. Which Visa office ?
  11. any update? did u guys get your passports back already?
  12. banglore visa office
    track my passport, will get tomorrow
  13. Hey Reynold!

    Latest update, we got a phone call from VAC today confirming that we can go pick up our passport in the city. We won't be able to go until Monday so I will keep you guys updated. I don't want to get ahead of myself here but I have a good feeling about this! :)

    Hey OP, what was the outcome of your visa? Did you find out yet? :)
  14. my common law got refused :( anyway, God is good :)
  15. She applied for TRV only? Why not OWP for your Common-law partner?

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