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Direct Flight to Canada - Air India.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by shibuya, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Air India is all ready to launch direct flight between New Delhi and Toronto from October 31 onwards this year as informed by one of the representatives of the airlines. The manager of Air India Harry Francis told to the press that the distance between Toronto and New Delhi would now be less as the flight will be direct only.

    He further said that the New Delhi will now be enjoying the special place as the hub for all the Air India Passengers. This is because the passengers of Air India will be able to take their flight for different parts of India from New Delhi only. This would prove to be a great comfort for many passengers who have to travel a lot within the country. If there is some passenger who is planning to go to Amritsar via Air India, then he can easily get the flight for Amritsar from New Delhi within two hours only and that too on daily basis. Also, the immigration checks of the passengers would be taken at Amritsar airport only. Francis very clearly said that at Delhi airport, passengers – already checked into at the originating port – would not have to go through immigration checks at all.

    As the flight from New Delhi to Toronto is direct now, so the time to reach to Canada will be comparatively short. Like for example if some passenger takes the flight for Canada from IGI airport in Delhi at around 1.30 a.m. (according to the local time), then he will reach Canada by 7.30am on the same day only. Air India is also making special arrangements for the comfort of its passengers such as providing seats with flat beds for business class passengers along with comfortable seats for economic class passengers
  2. Are you a staff or a member of Air India? With the heaps of complaints I have read on this post?

    Please go to google or yahoo to advertise Air India.
  3. You and I may not fly with the Air India but there are loads of travellers from India who may be benefitted by this piece of information. If you cannot commend somebody's contribution to the forum atleast maintain silence.

    Good Work Shibua.
  4. No, Shibuya is just informing to all forum members about the facility being introduced by Air India for the comfort of passengers boarding from New Delhi. He is in no way promoting Air India. Shibuya has never given any information for promotion. Although taking service of Air India is a matter of personal choice. Air India is also not popular among Indians.

    Right here you are Wrong. Please don't mind.
  5. Shibuya's contribution on this forum is relly great... I think one should check user profile before commenting.
  6. if u r getting information on anything is good, use it or not its ur personal choice. shibuya has done good job, pls if u cannot contribute dont critisie others.

    Mr.Right please set ur records right.

    well don shibuya..

  7. Thats good news... how about the ticket prices.
  8. Dear Friends

    Let´s not be so HARD on Right. I agree with Charninder, Canadian4, FMA and Capriraj that is only good for the Forum.

    Right ought to understand that the more information we manage, the better decisions we make.

    In conclusion, How many Fly hours from ND to Toronto?

  9. Thank you very much Shibuya. This is very nice piece information. Don't get discouraged with someones comment. Your contribution to this forum is great. Keep it up for us.

  10. that si a very informative piece...we have to keep up with news sorrounding immigration steps...airline route/prices and carrier is very useful. Keep up the good deed bro. Shibuya :)
  11. shibuya:- Keep it up dear
  12. The flight takes off at 1.30 a.m. (Local Time) and reaches Canada at 7.30 a.m. (LT), + 10 hours which Canada is behind, it can be presumed that the Air India non-stop flight will take 16-17 hours.

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