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Diploma in accounting UBC

Discussion in 'Education' started by Loklord, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Did anyone enroll for dap in university of british Columbia and does it accept three year bachelor degree from India for admission
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    Hey did you made it to TRU? how was your experience so far
  3. UBC is a totally different university than TRU and one of the top universities in Canada. Would avoid TRU.
  4. So you’re saying I should not go for TRU?
    How is DAP in UBC?
  5. Yes I would not recommend TRU, Canada West or VIU which are often recommended by consultants.
  6. Any specific reason for TRU?

    how is UBC?
  7. Don’t think it is a well known university when it comes to Canadian employers and seems to be primarily international students and the quality of the professors are not as good as most of the other universities.. I assume consultants are being rewarded financially for recommending the school. UBC is an excellent school.
  8. Ok, I see.. yes maybe the consultant have financial benefits by referring students.
    By any have you heard of DAP program in UBC and how’s it.
  9. Can’t comment In that exact program. Will let others comment.
  10. Yes and thanks again

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