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Diabetes type 1

Discussion in 'Health' started by GeetaLSharma, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. I have received an ITA.I have scheduled medical tests for my family.My 7 year old son is Diabetic type 1 since last 2 years. How fair are the chances of clearing medical test.He is insulin dependent.
    Is there who is experienced or else knows the answer .Else can u provide some link which i can study.
    I am worried about the medical now.
  2. Have you priced out using a drug formulary from one of the provinces how much her insulin and any other medication will cost. Then you need to add up the cost of medical supplies. Pump supplies or dexacom type item. Also estimate how many doctors appointments per year. The cost of insulin and diabetes supplies are quite high. Some Canadians struggle to afford supplies for their children. I would anticipate a procedural fairness letter and you will have to show that the supplies will be less than the maximum.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. You took out time to respond to my query. Do you have any experience or else have you seen any case of diabetic type 1 who was granted the PR.
    Can you elaborate what is drug formulary and how to use it. Also what is the fairness letter?
    Thanks again
  4. https://www.formulary.health.gov.on.ca/formulary/

    I have included the Ontario formulary so you can estimate your child's medication and testing strip costs. A procedural fairness letter is sent when you are going to be refused unless you can prove that CIC's concerns are wrong. You will likely have to prove that your child's medical costs will not be excessive (under around $19000).
  5. Dear GeetaLSharma,

    Did you solve this issue? My son has diabetes type 1 too (for almost 8 years) and I am little confused about thd future medical assesment (I've won a nomination from Saskatchewan and I will get ITA in one week.)
  6. Have you priced out the cost of just his medication and testing supplies based on the Saskatchewan formulary or the Ontario one that I have attached? That should give you an idea if your child already exceeds the yearly limit.
  7. Yes, I have an information on total costs for medication and supplies. What should I do with this information? Should I take it to a medical exam? Or should I share this information in a different way (e.g. attach to my application after ITA)?
    How to store these data (e.g. a letter in a free form)?

    Thank you!

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