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Describe the nature and extent of your social ties in canada..

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by jvan, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. hi any best answer to this social ties in Canada..in my situation, I did not belong to any organization here in Canada....can I just write N/A? .. any advice please..
  2. Do you belong to any social groups or have any memberships? I would answer NA if it's not applicable.
  3. hi I just remember, I am member of church share life donation {. contribution}, is this count of social ties ? and had received receipt after end of the year.
  4. each proof can work. definitely include this as a proof.
  5. okay.. thank you.. but HOW I CAN DESCRIBE IT THOUGH?
  6. Okay this is new ground for me. Are you trying to show how you have integrated into Canada since PR? Do you have children. Do you do any volunteer work in the community or at their school? Do you help out neighbours (shovel snow from pathway of elderly neighbours, pick up groceries or drive them to appointments)
  7. Re:Since arrival Describe the nature and extent of your social ties in canada..

    in my situation i am single since I came here in Canada 2006 work as live in caregiver (nanny) with 2 years contract. .doing household chores including shoveling the snow during winter time..;) assist my employers for their needs ,specially for the baby that I took care before . then I do have training's as part of the Program that I enrolled which is personal support worker (PSW) weekends until I finished all the hours completed at nursing home assisted elderly people for their everyday needs. and also had training at red cross first aid year 2008.but after that I didn't take the final exam which is the NACC which is part of the Program. so no certificate in that program..and I just remember now that past few years I did visiting the Vaughan public library together with my friends with library card . and I do share donation (contribution) at the church also..after got my open permit to PR 2010 myself was focused at work (cashier) from year 2010 until present...oh yes sometimes I helped my friends and my elder sister here specially moving stuff out to a different location ( house, apartment )...

    please help...how I can describe the nature and extent of my social ties in Canada ....i already ask some of my friends that got an RQ but what they did Is writing NA on it...
  8. Any chores that were part of your job expectations wouldn't carry much weight. Saying that you used your Library card is also weak. Perhaps saying you have developed a circle of friends with whom you share a book club (for example) and use the local Library. You attend xxx church regularly (or monthly, whatever you do). You donate to the church and volunteer to xxxx. You continue to keep in touch with the family you used to work for and care for their child occasionally. You continue to enhance your education in Canada. Enrolled in xxx course, and have completed xxx.

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