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Deposit checks need some info please

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Clorets90, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone

    I just want to make sure that what I heard is correct.

    I get paid Bi-weekly each 15 days!
    So my employer gives me a check whith date on it.
    Now he is saying by law I'm required as employee to deposit this check after 2 days after the 2 weeks working period?

    Is this correct or not.

  2. Or he is making this up to give him time to prepare the money....
  3. That sounds like a lie. You receive a cheque, you can deposit it as soon as you like. There is no "law" about deposit dates.
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  4. Thank you I had the same feeling maybe he is trying to get advantage of my lack of experience in life in Canada.....

    Thanks again.

  5. He's lying. You have up to 1 year to deposit the cheque from the date on the actual cheque.
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  6. Hi

    1. Not quite right.

    The Canadian Payments Association says cheques are stale-dated after six months unless certified. A stale-dated cheque is not necessarily invalid. Financial institutions may still honour them but don't have to
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  7. Thank you for the information
  8. Except cheque’s issued by the Government of Canada , they did not go stale
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  9. Thank you
  10. Thank you very much
  11. also depends on what date he writes on the chq, whatever date is written on the chq is the earliest you can deposit it. So if he writes it for two days later then you cannot.
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  12. No, sometimes I deposited a cheque dated two days later. No problem whatsoever.
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  13. The bank shouldn't allow it, I use to work part time as a teller, I would have refused it.
    Lets say I wrote you a personal chq.....like rent for example, and put Aug 1 date on it. The bank should not let you deposit it today, you would have to wait until Aug 1.

    But that was 15 years ago, nowadays most people deposit online or in ATM, and do not go inside to see teller as much. Maybe that's why.

    "If a post-dated cheque you wrote is mistakenly processed before its date, you should contact your bank to let them know. The cheque can be returned and the amount credited back to your account up to the day before the date written on the cheque."
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  14. Maybe.... but the deposit date printed in the bank statement still show July 30th nonetheless.
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  15. The OP didn't mention that the cheque was post-dated, so I assume that this is not the case. The employer appears to be trying to tell the OP that it's not legal to deposit the cheque. If I was in the OP's position, I would certainly not take a post-dated payroll cheque.
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