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Deported from US, applying for PR.

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by Nikol89, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. I just received my records from criminal justice information services of FBI.
    I was deported from US in 2008 due to overstay on my student visa.
    The report shows "Non-immigrant violator of status". Basically overstay on my student visa.
    Will it affect my application for PR? Or do I need to do a rehabilitation?
  2. No you don't need rehab. It wouldn't affect your application as long as you declare it truthfully.
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  3. Thank you.
  4. hi,
    my name is javed, i am from Pakistan, i been lived in us for 17 years, i came illegally to US on 2001, i got arrested on 2009 and got deportation order but i dont have my passport or any document to prove my nationality so after been in detention for nine months they let me go on order of supervision. after that i start business paying taxes, i got married with US citizen and have two kids with her. on 2012 i got arrested for commercial gambling and sale of spice to undercover officers, i took plea and got five years of probation but no jail time. my probation was over on 2017. but on may 2018 i got deported because they got my paperwork from pakistan. i wanna know if i can immigrate to canada with my wife and kids because pakistan is not good place to live with my family specially my elder son is autistic and there is no such good treatment for him in Pakistan. i have good legal money to live in canada and have good life for me and my family. please help me with your reply. i will be appreciate.
  5. Based on the information you've provided, you are inadmissible to Canada right now (meaning you cannot come here under any visa). Once five years have passed from the date you completed your probation, you will be able to apply for rehabilitation to request to be admitted to Canada. So right now you're looking at sometime in 2022 before you will be able to apply for rehabilitation and hopefully come to Canada.
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