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Denied entry to Canada, what's next?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Question85, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hi there,

    My friend from Europe landed in YYZ in this year in April. He came with valid eTa and a return ticket 2 weeks later. He didn't fill out the declaration card (he can't speak in English) and an officer let him in a room. He was there about 4 hours, and they put him on a flight. His eTa was withdraw. He applied in the summer a new eTa. He had send travel plan, proof of his address in his country and a contracot of his job. He uploaded these thing and he gets a new eTa. He travelled again 1 week ago, he landed in YYZ, too. He filled out the declaration card. He stand in the line to check out, and an officer asked from him something and he said he can't speak in English. He "landed" again in the immigration room. From there an officer called a canadian citizen who told my friend will stay at his home for a week during hist stay in Canada and he will pay of my friends spending. I'm waited for him in the airport. They called me too, I went to the immigration room. The officer told me I will be responsible for my friend, I told him that's ok but they didn't let him in, they said he wants to workhere.. he was arrested, they made photo of him and they made fingerprint.. he was in a jail or I don't know what is it's correct name, and he had to flight back home.. they didn't withdraw his eTa and the officar sad he can come anytime in the future. I told him he can't come in April, he can't cone right now.. my friend doesn't have criminal record, he was never in Canada.. he was in the USA and they let him in. Do you have any suggest how can he let in? He has to travel from the USA by bus? Thank you
  2. There is a lot missing from this story. Why was he refused entry the first time? What led CBSA to believe he was planning to work illlegally on the second entry? They generally base that conclusion on evidence such as texts/messages/emails, conversations with people in Canada etc.

    There is no point in trying to enter from the US. He has been flagged and will still be sent to secondary.
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  3. First time the officer said he wants to make a refugee claim here. My friend told he wants to visiting parks here. He let his phone to the officer who watched his photos, calls and texts and didn't find anything. Second time the reason was he wants to work here. So it doesn't matter from which country wants he to come Canada? It takes a lot of money to travel here.. how many time can they denied my friend?
  4. Stull missing info. What led to CBSA making such conclusions? I doubt your friend is giving you the full story.
  5. Unfortunately there is no limit to the number of times he can be denied. For whatever reason, he's not looking like a genuine visitor when he arrives in Canada and CBSA is concerned that he has plans to either remain long term or work illegally.

    Since he's already run into problems twice, I would recommend he come prepared with the following next time:
    - return flight for a visit that is no more than two weeks in length
    - evidence he has sufficient funds to more than pay for his trip without relying on friends to pay for anything (I would recommend he be able to show at least $10K)
    - evidence of full time employment in his home country (including a letter of leave from his employer confirming his vacation period)
    - evidence of property ownership or rental in his home country (including utility bills, etc.)
    - make sure he bring minimal luggage (i.e. only what someone would bring on a 2 week trip)

    Given he has already been turned back twice this year - I would recommend he wait 8+ months before attempting to return and work on strengthening his ties to his home country in the mean time.
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  6. He had return flight in both cases. Second time they didn't checked his valet, only for first time. When he made his eTa 2nd time he had to upload his job contract so ig would be better to take this with when he came. Where he lives its his mother, he uploaded its evidence when he made his eTa 2nd, he lives there 18 years. He came 2 luggage (8 kg and 23). Maybe if he land in a smaller airport..? Hamilton or Kitchener would be better?
  7. He flew half way across the world to see parks? Doesn't seem very convincing to me. You are probably not getting the full story from your friend, they must have found something that triggered them to think he intends to work.
  8. Sounds to me like they have found evidence on his phone. I know he has told you they didn't, but I suspect they did. If they don't find anything, he gets in. I would suggest him not having anything on his phone for a start when he comes again.
  9. Airport won't matter. No matter where he comes in, CBSA be able to see that he had two previous entries where he was sent home. He should expect to be questioned the next time he comes in and sent to secondary. Also, depending where he's coming from - there probably won't be a direct flight to Hamilton or Kitchener (especially Kitchener). Keep in mind that he will go through immigration at the first Canadian airport he reaches.

    Job contract isn't sufficient in his case. He should also bring pay stubs or evidence of payroll deposits and a leave letter from his employer.

    I agree that it feels like part of the story is missing. CBSA must have found something that concerned them.

    Anyway - he definitely shouldn't try to visit again for a while.
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  10. He flew in 2015 to the USA for 2 months and he left the country on time. Nobody asked him in Atlanta why he flew over half way across the world..
  11. So he can come again, till he has money for the flight.. thank you guys.
  12. There must be more to this story. Why is so determined to come to Canada when he was sent back twice. I would want to visit another country and not waste my time and money on another ticket when there is no guarantee that /I can enter.

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