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Delay in stamping visa to passport

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by sangk, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I will be having couple of meetings with various universities in unites states for collaboration on research activities.I have booked the to & fro tickets also. Leaving from India on June 10. I am also planing to visit a Canadian university and have their invitation letter.

    My concern is ,i can apply the canada visa online and get it processed 12 days( as per processing time for india in web page of canada) . If ,i am granted visa, then passport has to be sent to the canada office through post for stamping the visa.

    1) Any body knows how long will it take for passport visa stamping and get the passport back.(in india)
    2) If after submitting the application and there is an increase in online processing time and if there are chances that i wont get by passport back on time , can i start my trip.My entire itinerary goes into chaos if i didn't start on time.

    Can somebody help..
  2. The way to solve this issue is to apply early, and not continue to wait.

    If you are worried you will not get your passport back in time because it is now May (more or less), then do not apply, or apply online so you do not have to submit your passport up front. If you are approved after an online application your passport will be requested and you will have 30 days to submit it.
  3. Thanks for your answer!..i appreciate it..

    I have already prepared all documents online.I have to just give submit and pay the fee.

    In case if the application is approved,but couldn't submit the passport due to by departure date,will it be a black mark for my future visits to canada..

  4. I don't believe so. You can also raise a case specific enquiry or webform to ask for more time.

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