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Delay in processing of extension VISA

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by manarya, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Hello
    I applied for the extension of my visitor visa through paper on 25th march which was a month prior to expiry of six month time that you can stay in Canada . It has been 80 days now and i have not yet received any information about my status here in Canada. How long does it take to process the extension of Visa if you have applied through paper. Please look into it an help.
  2. It depends on country you are applying from and on the individual application.
    Did you link your application online for clearer status of application?
  3. Dear all members Please advise me we apply 22 March 20 May my application refused by emai but we check today vf global IRCC WEB site still my application processing why this
  4. VFS and IRCC websites are different.

    VFS statues are generic and not always real time
    IRCC status are accurate. You can only see them if you filed online or if you linked your paper application

    Where are you seeing "processing", VFS or IRCC's website?

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