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Declaring ILLEGAL work in PR application!!


Jul 14, 2019
Hey all, I wanted to share my story with you all. Actaully I got refused my PGWP twice, first time it was because of a missing document and second time, i had passed the 90 days limit.
After that I had couple of options, either to appeal the case, or try to continue my studies further as I had another year and half on my study permit or I could reapply on paper based application.
So I decided to pursue studies further and got the right program in Manitoba college which was starting in August 2017.
Since i graduated on Sept 2016 from college in Ontario and got my 2nd refusal letter on Dec15, 2016..... i had couple of months to start my program.
Now at this time, I was working at a gas station, during my studies, i worked part time but now i was getting more hours. But never in my mind I thought that i was not supposed to work. I realised what I did was wrong, way further down the road when I was applying for my Provincial nomination application.

Now I did declare my work in both my PNP as well as PR application with explanation letter of what happened and that I did not work intentionally.

I WAS WONDERING if anyone has to deal with this kind of situation because I know misrepresentation has a serious offence, so thats why I decided to say the truth

Again thanks for reading this.