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Decision made

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Nani123, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Nothing to worry about. Your officer likes to takes his sweet time; that’s all. You’ll be running a marathon before you know it!
  2. It means congratulations! You will soon receive the invite to take the oath of citizenship!
  3. same as mine, Invite should come 2-4 months after decision made :) Congratulations! you're almost there
  4. Hi there ,

    How could we know decision made is positive and not negative . Does negative decision could say something different on Ecas?

    Good day
  5. It’s positive! If it wasn’t meant to be positive then you’d not have reached this far.
  6. Ok thanks . I had a decision made on May 2nd and my test was on April 16th . Interview went well but officer told me I had to sign a doc so they could check my entries to the us to find out my exact days since I was close to the 1095 days .

    I hope it’s all well and again thanks for your comment
  7. It is all well mate! They wanted your consent to check your travel history. That’s been completed now. Your oath invite will be sent in the coming days.
  8. Thanks jayson . Have a great one
  9. Cheers, You as well.
  10. It’s a positive answer , thanks
    Oath ceremony June 4th
  11. Congrats! Did you receive the Oath ceremony invitation by postal mail or Email ??
  12. Hello,
    All correspondences were sent by email.
    I ve never received any mail
  13. That’s great! Enjoy :)
  14. Took my test May 15th. Ecas changed to "decision made" the next day, May 16th.

    The person who interviewed me said all is good, they are still waiting on some security checks to come through and I should be getting the oath invitation in 2-3 months.

    They say the "average" processing time is 12 months, but in reality it could take longer. It all depends on so many factors, like countries you visited or lived in, travel history, etc.
  15. Last week Me and my wife's ECAS status changed to Decision made (DM). But for my kids still, ECAS shows as In-Process and they're under 14.

    Is this normal or will have to wait for the Oath invite until their status to changed Decision made??

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