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Decision Made and Duty/Tax-Free Immigration?


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Jan 1, 2021
Hey all, so my wife and I have been trying to get some preliminary quotes for moving companies that can assist in moving belongings from the US to Canada. I've gotten some decent quotes so far but all of them have mentioned that I must have legal status in Canada before I can even ship stuff over there.

That last part is for obvious reasons, I have no issue with that. But, now I'm sort of confused. Does an implied legal status start when Decision Made (hopefully approved) happens or would I have to wait for DM, PPR, then CoPR before I can start any of this? For CoPR, do I have to physically be in Canada to get some sort of document that shows my PR status, meaning I would have to fly to Canada to get PR, fly back to the US to ship my stuff, then fly back to Canada to pick it up?

Having legal status before starting all of this just added another level of difficulty and I just want to be sure I'm on top of everything before I get started.

Lastly, assuming I get CoPR, does that mean that shipping my stuff to Canada would be duty/tax free as I'm an immigrant bringing my belongs?

Thanks for any help!