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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by newbee2391, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Let me know if a group was already made - I didn't seem to find one.

    But if not, this thread is for all those who are applying for outland Spousal Sponsorship in December 2018.

    Sent Application : Nov 29th, 2018
    Application Received (Fedex Update) : Dec 4th, 2018

    Good Luck Everyone!
  2. application received - dec 10
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  3. Hi everyone,
    I send application on Dec 10th and still not received yet.
    Good Luck everyone.
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  4. Hi everyone!

    I sent my wife’s application last dec. 9 and it was recieved yesterday dec 13, 2018. Actually, i moved to another apartment just this week, wondering how can i change my address in case they will send it back to me? Btw, In the application I used my past address.
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  5. Btw, I called IRCC earlier and asked them if how long till we get a feedback or get an AOR from them, they told me it would take about 2 months from now coz they are still processing those application they recieved last october 2018.
  6. Hi,pls help me, whats going on with my application, i have paid RPRF fee upfront in 15/12/2017
    but again in 13/december/2018 ask me to pay RPRF fee again, even i have the receipt of that fee which i paid in 2017, and yesterday i paid again this fee...any one could tell me which stage is my application now ? when i recived my parents ppr ? this is which i received after payment the fee yestarday.

    Thank you for your email. We have received the fees from your side. Please contact CPC-M for refund of overpeyment.

  7. Similar timelines :) my applicatkon was received on 13 December -

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  8. Do you know the next steps once they receive our application?
  9. I used Canada post and it took 2 weeks for delivery -
  10. Hello Friends,

    My application was received on 7th December. Hopefully we all can get our AORs by Feb 1st week!!

    The wait begins!

    Good luck everyone:)
  11. Hey guys!

    I havent paid the biometrics fee yet. Is it okay?
    Bases on the Guide, Asian countries is still not required to submit biometrics till before dec. 31,
  12. Probably, if they will give you the AOR by that time link your application in your account so you can track the progress of your app.

  13. My application was received on 7 November

    Not AOR yeto_O
  14. Hi there,
    I notice that CIC have update form in Nov 2018 and I sent the Old form. Do you think they will return my applications?
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  15. Which form ?

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