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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by sjoshua2007, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. yesterday.. you will receive ur PPR soon =)
  2. You are my good luck charm, they started the background check this morning
  3. Mexico received our app on dec 15 2017. They began processing it on July 4th 2017. We have have already done the medical check and passed it. But no movement since. Apparently our file is in the interview queue. Help!
  4. Im too in interview queue , i dont know for you but we have exatly 2 months 20 days waiting until now and nothing no date set yet
  5. We have been waiting in the queue for at least 6 months without even one letter or notice from them.
  6. And now?? Do you do your interview?
  7. I am november 2017 applicant :-((
  8. I haven't been called yet. Or I would.
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  9. Good evening,how are you doing today n the family ? Please have you heard
  10. Had interview
  11. How did it go? What Visa office are you at?
  12. Btw that's so great to hear!
  13. I am in queue for interview how everything going , which visa office are you ?
  14. We are at the Mexican consulate.
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