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DECEMBER 2012 Applicants--This is your thread

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by fromadistance, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Our ecas has been stagnant since last year - still on on Application Received. Both of us are starting to get depressed now.

    The only word we got is "Pending final review" in an email reply from the VO, though we don't know what that means or what stage it is.

    Our meds and police clearance has expired mid last month, but we have yet to be asked to renew it.
  2. Similar boat here,jo-macral. Our meds were done on September 25/2012, and nothing asked for. I'm wondering if they have taken into consideration the months lost due to the strike, that delayed applications, and are just giving extensions automatically on meds and FBI check? It's not our fault they were on strike a few months, so why should we be out of pocket, and time because of them?
    Hang in there!
  3. Hang in there Jo-Macral
    Have you ordered your notes at all?
  4. Is your wife from a visa exempt country?
    Decision made without an interview is good news
    She will receive the package via regular mail as it will contain her COPR which she will need to land
    You are almost at the finish line :)
  5. Excellent news... finish line is getting closer :)
  6. cdnmom,
    She is from the USA, visa exempt.
    I wrote to CPP Ottawa Pilot, with a few simple questions regarding the time frame etc.
    Since things were slowed back because of the strike, and the meds were done Sept 25/2012, I asked if they just automatically decide and extend the landing time, based on their setback in processing.
    I explained that with no idea when we would get notified of ANYTHING, she bought plane tickets for her and the teen daughter to visit me here on Spring Break, which she arrives March 28 in Vancouver.
    I asked if possible, if there was a short time limit pending landing, if they could include this date in there.
    Or if they automatically extend it, does it start from Sept 25, 2013, since I've read of 1 year extensions, giving a longer landing date in there.
    I will post if/what they reply with.
  7. No, never ordered notes yet. I really should though.
  8. I think you should :)
    At least you will know what is going on with the file
    Don't even know why they have ECAS...LOL
  9. Got an email reply back today, this is what it read:

    Dear Applicant
    Please note your application for permanent residency was approved on 2014/01/10, your COPR’s were mailed to you on 2014/01/13 to the following address: ........

    WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!
    I hope everyone else gets good news this week!
  10. Wonderful news rice-racer. Lets hope the rest of us get ours soon!
  11. Exactly 1 year since Sponsor approved :)
    And still waiting :(
  12. Update.....
    So, wife and teen daughter approved to come here from USA, and COPR documents mailed January 13 from Ottawa.
    She received them today in Nevada, basic size, brown envelope in regular mail. All is good, and in regards to landing deadline, it's what we calculated.
    The meds expired after 1 year on Sept 22/13, and they automatically extended the time 1 year from that date to land.She has to land by Sept 22/14, but of course, will be here in March :)
  13. Well another week is coming to an end ... One week left in this month
    Come on... share some good news with us remaining from 2012

    Have a good weekend everyone!!
  14. Congrats!!!

    Had you sent them your wife's passport already??

    They asked us to send passport with envelope big enough to insert COPR, but we still never got a message like you saying it was officially approved...they received my wife's passport on December 30th, so I'm guessing they have to return back before Jan 30th.

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