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Daycare / Preschool Questions for Temp Res.

Discussion in 'Education' started by donovanjames, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hey All,

    So my family and I are moving to Victoria soon as temp residents and my 4 year old daughter needs daycare / preschool. Has anyone gone through this an American expat? What’s involved?

    I read about the affordable daycare benefit and didn’t know if I’d qualify as a temp resident on a study permit (wife: work permit). We’re hoping to get her in a French immersion program because foreign language learning is ideal at her age (and I study French), but these programs are expensive.

    Any info is much appreciated!
  2. There isn’t a ton of French immersion preschool in BC so I would expect it to be expensive. You don’t seem to qualify for the affordable daycare benefit. Your wife will qualify for CCB after 18 months. Daycare is really expensive in Canada especially in larger cities. Even non-profit daycares can be almost $2000/month. It is also really hard to find a spot in many cities so if you are not on any waiting lists I would but yourself down on some lists in preparation for your move. Some daycare require you to pay to be on the list which is pretty unreasonable but people get desperate.


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