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Current CIC Singapore Timeline

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Makhreca, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Could anyone share with me in this forum who is currently in the queue at CIC Singapore?
    My timeline status is as follows:

    File Submitted – April 2005
    AOR Received – May 2005
    IA – Not Received Yet

    How long should I wait? Anybody has any idea which applications (month & year) are currently
    being processed at CIC Singapore? Any comments would be appreciable on how much can this
    waiting period go up to?

    I hope my timeline will help many in the queue to share with.
    Thanks you in advance and best of luck to all in this forum.
    This forum is very helpful anyway.
  2. Hi

    They are currently finalizing applications received between 41 and 50 months ago. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/international/02a-skilled-fed.asp#asia
    So you can work it out. According to Trackitt (very few entries) it appears to be about 10/11 months from IA to completion.

  3. You will get IA shortly. Don’t worry. Keep contact please.
  4. Dear PMM:

    Thanks a lot for your comments and reply.

    At the CIC site: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/international/02a-skilled-fed.asp#asia mentioned as follows:

    30% Finalized in 41 Months
    50% Finalized in 44 Months
    70% Finalized in 47 Months
    80% Finalized in 50 Months

    It mentioned at top of the page “2007”. Does it make any sense that in 2008 the average time may take a bit longer than last year for completion file processing at CIC Singapore?

    One more question to PMM, everyone who applied for federal skilled worker must receive IA or instead of IA they may get medical, PCC, RPRF etc. first?

    Actually, I want replies from who recently received IA, medical, PCC, RPRF etc. requests from CIC Singapore. Has anyone received IA, medical PCC, RPRF etc. recently from CIC Singapore? Please share…………..
  5. dipkona:

    Thanks for encouragement.
  6. Hi, refer to my post on this subject.

  7. skywards747:

    Thanks for the URL. Your Timeline indicates me that I have to wait one more year.
  8. CIC Singapore Timeline

    I am currently in the queue at CIC Singapore.
    My timeline status is as follows:
    File Submitted – February 2005
    AOR Received – March 2005
    IA – Not Received Yet

    38 months have already been passed since I applied CIC at singapore.I did not get any response from CIC after receiving AOR on March 2005.How long I will have to wait to receive IA?Could anyone share with me in this forum?
  9. Hi Makhreca

    website shows minimum 41 and maximum 50 months for application processing. In your case 36 months have been passed and you will have to wait for minimum 5 and maximum 14 months. Wait patiently and Good Luck
  10. Hi Chaudhry:

    Yeah........one more year.

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