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Criminality passed, Security not started

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by r00hi, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Hey all,

    May 25, 2018 CEC inland

    got ghost update yesterday, called CIC and agent told me criminality passed and security not started. Eligiblity in review still and medicals expired.

    anybody hv idea how much security takes time? Is it a positive step towards my application?

    please reply. thanks
  2. I think you should apply for gcms notes and probably send more documents to back up yoir eligibility and new medicals through webform before the vo asks you. This may speed up your application and remove any delays. I wish you all the best.
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  3. Thank you for the recommendation :) I will send more docs and will try for the medicals.
  4. Actually its not wise to send any documents until they have asked you.

    You should probably get GCMS notes and see what is the issue. If they need medicals done again, they will ask for it. You don't need to done it before. AS you said criminality was passed yesterday, it means your application is moving and not stuck. So i will not worry too much about medicals and other stuff. But do apply for GCMS notes.
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  5. i did.. i got my third set of GCMS notes.. eligiblity still under review.
  6. For those who are interested to know step by step post AOR and especially background check I found the following site pretty consitant. It helped me for instance to understand the A11.2 which I saw it in my GCMS and did not systematically understand. Anyway have a look, i hope it can be valuable:
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  7. thank you :)
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  8. hi, I called earlier with my criminality passed and they started security. at what stage I might be in?
  9. IP2
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    It is good to know that your security has started. It means that your PPR is soon I hope. Please share your news here once it happens. BTW, what are your stats ? AOR, Nationaliity, Residence country, MEd Passed date...

  11. I will share the good news! :)

    AOR march 5
    MEP/BIL april 18
    Biometrics completed april 23
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  12. your timeline seems good.. you will get it soon
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  13. With God's blessings :)
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  14. You'll get yours soon too! I come each day to see how you guys are doing! And I know you guys will have it soon!! :)
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  15. Thank you for the positive vibes! :)

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