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consultant cheated me for visitors visa please help me out..plzzzzzzz

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by rajeshkande2146, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Hi All

    I have applied for Tourist visa sep 17th 2018 ,but my consultant in Hyderabad applied for Business visa with some invitation letter in canada , so within 10 days my visa got refused saying the reasons

    1. Having a legitimate business purpose in Canada

    2 travel history

    So please help me now what I shud do and how can i write a covering letter to office to convince him ..I need to visit canada . With out my knowledge he kept wrong documents plz help me out

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    “Some invitation letter in Canada” is potentially a huge problem for you. If your consultant has submitted a false invitation letter in an application, you have in fact committed misrepresentation. You are responsible for your application, despite your consultants actions. IRCC May or may not have identified the letter as fake and refused you on that basis. You will need to be completely honest on future applications. Personally, I would go as far as reporting the fraud to IRCC and the police and include the reports in any future applications. It may help, or it may not. Your representative has left you in a bad situation and all you can do now is try to minimize the damage.


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  3. IRCC doesn't accept the "my consultant did it" excuse, as there is generally no way to prove it.

    I strongly suggest you request GCMS notes before applying again.
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  4. Hi

    I travelled to Ireland , Southafrica

    I will repply but my question is this time can i Aply for tourist visa ? or I have friend who have PR can he send invitation with that can i apply Visitor visa ? If so please suggest me how to prepare covering letter coz this time i dont want to depend on anyone ...please suggest me

  5. H

    So if I complain to Local police and if I have report then i can re -apply tourist visa including police report and other documents ...

    Please suggest

    Thank you
  6. Hi

    Can you please help me how to get GCMS note .

    Thank you
  7. you can get gcms using gcmsnow.com or google it for better website to get it plus you need to fix your travel history issue by visiting Europe, UK and USA before apply it will be more good if you do that.. Good Luck
  8. It is futile to register a complaint with the police. The police cannot and will not help you. This is an immigration/visa matter.

    Even if the police pay any recognition to your complaint, you can be sure the police complaint will have little/no bearing on your next visa application.

    You may not agree to this point of view, but your consultant has not cheated you. S/he did not give you false assurances of getting a job or immigrating to Canada.

    You signed the TRV application form knowing fully well your consultant was applying for a Business TRV. You also knew that s/he had included an *invitation letter* from someone you don't know.

    It is easy for IRCC to contact the person/company that "issued" the invitation letter to verify whether or not they know you. You are lucky that IRCC has not banned you for committing misrepresentation.

    Your only option is to reapply if you have a genuine purpose of visit + if you can prove you will not overstay a short visit
  9. Hi
    Thanks for reply

    You signed the TRV application form knowing fully well your consultant was applying for a Business TRV. You also knew that s/he had included an *invitation letter* from someone you don't know : I signed but didnt check all coz i beleived this cosultant thats my mistake

    Can I reapply now with a genuine invitation letter from my friend so i can visit the country and my friend for 10 days .My only worry is aready my consultant applied business visa and rejected , now if i apply tourist or visitor with my friend invitation will there be any problem..please suggest me

    Thank you
  10. It's never a good idea to sign any document without checking it first, not just for visa applications.

    You can reapply.... but:
    1. I would recommend you wait for at least 5-6 months otherwise it would seem like you want to visit by any which ways.

    2. Do keep in mind that visiting a friend is not a compelling reason to visit i.e. you don't have a purpose of visit for your new application
  11. Could you explain why Ireland doesn't count as one of UK or EU?
  12. Yes i SUBMITTED ireland visa copy also.
  13. Hi

    Then whats the way to apply ..Can I apply tourist Visa ..Please suggest
  14. Do see my previous post.

    Would you mind sharing why you are so keen to visit Canada?
  15. i want to just visit my schooling friend and i love to visit canada and usa also ,in usa i have my sister also ..so thought to visit both countires at a time ...so first i tried to apply canada visa but its my bad luck that agent misleaded me...now i dnt know wat to do ...please suggest me

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