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Conjugal sponsorship application, would this get approved?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by estavez289, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Hello

    Me and my canadian girlfriend been dating for almost 4 years now, the majority of the relationship was spent online and we've only seen each other 2 times in real life, once here in my home country (tunisia) for 40 days, and once in the Philippines for 21 days, the reason why we cant settle together in real life is mainly because of financial issues and how both of us are not self dependent yet. We're both 21 years old, still studying and getting started in our careers.

    Could our situation get approved or there are more red flags that would prevent so?

    thanks in advance
  2. there are no immigration barriers preventing you from getting married or living together for 1 year... this would not be considered conjugal
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  3. Hello

    I've been in a long distance relationship for 1 yr and a half now with my partner

    What if one of the countries does not allow same sex marriage? My partner needs a tourist visa for Canada which got denied as well when we applied a few months ago so getting married in Canada is not an option either
  4. Do they allow same-sex cohabitation, even if not marriage? If so, conjugal is probably not an option, if you could go there instead.
  5. Yes I believe so but I would have to apply for a long stay visa, I can enter the country visa free for 90 days but anything more I would have to apply for long term stay

    So it isn't even guarenteed.....I think you need to have 60K of funds (from what I read online) in order to get the visa to stay there so I'm not sure I would qualify. If that's the case both marriage and common law are not possible
  6. Not having enough money isnt an immigration barrier you can go to another country and get married. Point is you do not qualify for conjugal
  7. Never said it was lol

    the immigration barrier is that they won't give me the long stay visa for his country if I can't prove I have 60K of funds (which I don't) therefore I can't live in his country more than 90 days as per their regulations so we can't have common-law

    Also any straight couple can get married there no problem why should I be subject to going to another country with more expenses and different laws? Why should I have to accommodate the governments because of my sexuality? I want to get married in his country or mine and we can't do either
  8. Don't get upset, the responses you are getting here are correct and are in line with how IRCC is going to react to your case. You do not qualify for conjugal (which is extremely hard to get anyways). Financial difficulties are not a factor.
  9. the big issue is your partner is from Costa Rica and same sex marriage will be legal soon.
  10. You do not qualify for conjugal. Also, only 2 relatively short visits in a 4 year relationship is a huge red flag. I suggest you spend a lot more time together in person before marrying and applying for sponsorship.
  11. I'm not upset lol Im just saying I'm not going to another country to get married there should be a way for me to sponsor my partner without being discriminated against just like a straight couple would have access to marriage in their proper countries. I don't have financial difficulties but the prerequisite they look for in order for me to go there long term is something I don't meet right now therefore I can't go there and be common-law for a year

    Same-sex Marriage should be legal in May 2020 but it's not guarenteed as of yet so I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. They could end up delaying the date as well who knows :(
  12. It's completely understandable and you have my sincere condolences on the current legal state of same sex marriages..
    The point is, they will look at your application from a pure technical point. If you are physically and legally able to get married in another country, in their view you do not qualify for conjugal. They do not take personal preference and feelings into account.
  13. Incorrect. The ability to marry in a third country does NOT disqualify a couple as conjugal. Otherwise, true conjugal couples would have to prove that they were unable to marry or become common-law in all 195 countries in the world.
  14. Yes your completely right they really don't take feelings into account with these procedures

    Thanks for you for the advice everyone and here's hoping to May 2020 :)
  15. See that is what I was thinking! I don't think they can impose marriage on people can they?

    This is why I feel confused because there must be a way for me to sponsor since I can't get the long term stay for his country and he can't get the tourists visa for Canada

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