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Congolese refugee with status in South Africa, private sponsor resettlement to Canada.

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by SouthForeigner, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hello guys, im a Congolese refugee with status in South Africa, i want to start a Resettlement with a Catholic church and some sponsors from Canada, who knows anything about the timeline? They told me it can be quick because my case is urgent and I'm alone without family... I need answer from who travelled from South Africa to Canada as refugee(Resettlement) or people who are in the same procedure as me.
  2. Private sponsorships are never quick. They usually take over a year. If you are an adult and alone without your family that wouldn’t be considered urgent.
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    I said so because my sponsor told me that my case is different : I was kidnapped , burried my house, beaten, hospitalised 2 times, now i can't walk properly because of that.. I have all the support documents: police report, doctor report, news paper, court report, my pictures when I was at the hospital and when they burried my house, i have even the message and voice note of people who want to kill me, now I'm hiding myself in a church..
  4. Unfortunately many refugees are living in bad situations. It doesn’t mean that applications are fast-tracked. Do you have a sponsorship group that has already applied and secured the funds in a separate account?
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  5. Yes, they do!!!
    They are living in a community in Edmonton and I'm not the first person for them to resettle.
  6. Current processing times from the website.

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