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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Sabeen99, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hello guys I have a question regarding work experience as Teaching Assistant. As there used to be 1month of semester break after each semester. So would it be considered as continuous job or not ?
  2. Continuous.
  3. From my standpoint, continuous is a wide and vague term.
    Since there is no firm definition, I guess it will depend on the officer evaluating your case.
    But I personally doubt it counts as continuous, since there are regular breaks in the work history where you are not doing anything related to the job itself... But give it a shot!

    Anyway, find your NOC, and see if the teacher can give you reference letter per CIC requirements.
  4. My experience letter has following statement: "He worked as a Teaching Assistant from August 2nd, 2009 to October 26th, 2012. He was a part-time employee working 18 hours a week. His annual salary was......"
  5. That is a good question. You cannot count the month break as "work experience" but the breaks are the norm for the occupation. So your letter could say something like,

    "Sabeen held a TA appointment for 3 years, working a total of 6 consecutive semesters (16 weeks each, for a total of 96 weeks). As a TA, he worked 20 hours per week, for a total of 1920 hours."

    Alternatively, you could average out the hours where the breaks get zero hours and you provide the mean number of hours worked over the full time period.
  6. I have asked this question to Mark Holthe a Canadian immigration lawyer and he confirmed that breaks during semester break won’t be counted as a break and your work will be continuos.
  7. Wow! Thanks a lot. Did you apply for express entry already? Do you or someone else you know get succeed through the similar situation like mine?
  8. I have applied for that but One thing I want to clarify during that break you have to be paid.
    If u r not then it’s discountinuos. I have applied under same NOC and I too get semester breaks and I too had this question so I had a one on one chat with the lawyer I mentioned and he told me as long as I m paid it’s ok
  9. If your employer will mention complete duration on reference letter (without any mentions about semester break), there will not be any problem.

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