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Confusion between Alliance University and Alliance Business School

Discussion in 'Education' started by jeevjagath, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Dear team,

    I am a student from Alliance Business School. I joined this college in 2009 January for PGDM in Marketing and Project Management specialization. I am a class topper with 89% score. However, Alliance Business School became Alliance University in 2010 and we finished our education in 2010. Alliance University got established under the aegis of Alliance Business School.

    My classmates applied for Canada PR before using Alliance Business School transcripts. But now it became Alliance University. Does Alliance Business School is still part of Canada Express Entry college list or do I need to get a study certificate from Alliance University or a fresh transcripts from Alliance University. I have all my transcripts and Convocation from Alliance Business School. I don't think that the college can change all the transcripts and convocation under Alliance University name and logo. Instead they can provide me a letter in the name of Alliance University that Alliance Business School is the part of Alliance University stating my qualification, roll number and year of study and passing out tenure. Does this help me in getting into PR process or am I not eligible for it. Please help me know this.

    I am confused as my friends got the PR program entry by using Alliance Business School transcripts. Can I use the same or use Alliance University all together.

    Eagerly awaiting for your response.

  2. Dear Jeevan

    Just got to see your post. We are also looking fforward for getting ECA done for my cousin. Can you help regarding, from which agency did your friend get his ECA processed. Because he processed it earlier from WES and they did not recognize it. Thats the real problem with WES. So I am wondering which agency did your friend choose to get it done?

    Please suggest, if you know.


  3. Hello there, I got my ECA done through WES and i have done my PGDM from Alliance Business School. WES did not count my PGDM and stated this is from a non-recognized course! :( .
    What is the solution you would propose.
  4. I m having same problem. Which ECA should we choose

  5. Hi,

    Can you tell me why it was not recognized? because it should be as it is UGC approved.

    What have you done to get the ECA done?
  6. PGDM in alliance business school is An international course hence it is accredited by IACBE.
    WeS did not consider my masters degree at all ... and my ECA shows up as undergraduate degree only..
    Pls advise
  7. Hi,
    Were you able to completed you ECA? if so, can you please help me with the process on how you were able to complete Alliance university MBA ECA .
  8. Hi everyone,

    Can anyone let me know if B. Tech degree from Alliance University is recognized in Canada or not since I’m going to get ECA done for my brother so please suggest if WES recognised it if not then which agency should I opt for ECA
  9. Hi I have similar query. I want to get WES done. I completed my B.Tech from Alliance university, now they are delaying to get our degrees printed as there were some problems in the university. I am worried, is there any other way to get my education history evaluated? Thanks!
  10. I am looking to pursue PGDM course from Alliance University, and would like to make sure if it is recognized by WES. Would be grateful if anyone could confirm. Thank you!
  11. Hi Shobika, did you get it done else where? any update?
  12. What issues you are facing can u share me our no. to discuss on it or else u can reply here
  13. Hi, are you also applying for PR? Have you got your education evaluated and if yes, was PGDM recognized as equivalent to masters degree?
  14. Hi Jeevan, Could you please provide an update, did you get your evaluation result? Looking forward for your reply.
  15. I’m not sure about PGDM ☹️sorry

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