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Confused about the Express Entry System Working Experience Requirements

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by sake99, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I would like to know how much points would be be given since my experience is not continuous in one place. My details are as follow:

    "Steel Mills Experience"
    7th Dec 2015 - 7th Dec 2016 = Completed by Trainee Engineer Program and promoted to Executive Production Engineer.
    7th Dec 2016-1st July 2017 = Served as Executive Engineer Productions

    * Responsibilities were same and the total experience counts to 1.6 years.

    "Management Trainee Program"

    11th July 2017 - 31st November 2018 = Served in the 2 departments Marketing and Data Analytics Department

    Experience = 1.6 years.

    "Lecturer in an Engineering University"
    1st January 2018 - Till now

    Q1.My question is would my experience be counted as 1.6+1.6 = 3.2 years or just 1 year of experience.
    Q2.Please let me know what would be the NOC number of my second job, it was a management trainee program of well recognized NGO.
    Q3.Is 1.6 years considered as one or 2 years?
  2. 3.2 years as long as your jobs fall under skill level 0,A,B and both employers can provide proper reference letters

    No one can tell you what NOC code it should be. It's based on job duties not job title. You need to figure that out yourself

    1.6 years is 1.6 years.

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