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Concordia University January 2019 Intake

Discussion in 'Education' started by nandu9596, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Hello.....!!!!
    Does anyone received any discussion from concordia university for januray 2019 intake for master’s program ?

    Please reply....
  2. Not yet. Still waiting for their reply.
  3. Does anyone know how much time does concordia university takes for discussion making process for master's program ?
    I have applied and it's 12 weeks completed still i am waiting for reply.
  4. You applied very early. They only start discussing things at the beginning of October.
  5. Yesterday I got conditional acceptance from concordia university for jan 2019 : )
  6. congrats bro! what course did you apply? can you please share your profile
  7. Master's in ECE.
    IELTS 6.5 ( No less than 6.0 )
    CGPA 7.95
    12th - 68.00 %
    10th - 66.00 %
  8. I have applied for M.Eng in civil engineering and my profile is
    IELTS 7.0
    B.TECH - 70.5%
    12th - 86%
    10th - 91%
    Currently working as a site engineer. Give me your opinion on my profile bro whether I can get admission or not.
  9. One of my friend got in M.Eng in civil engineering he was also having 7.0 in IELTS but his CGPA is 8.16. Your IELTS score is very good, in university then need minimum 3.0 & i think you can get as 70.5% = 7.45 and according to me that's 3.0 or might be more. Don't worry there are chances.
    I have got rejection from Waterloo and UOIT but last got accepted in concordia. You can also apply in Windsor if u wish.

    All The Best
  10. bro do you know how to do the cgpa calculation to 4.0 scale?
  11. Actually i don't know but i tried online conversion, my cgpa is 7.95 = 3.18 online convector result, i don't know whether it's correct or not. And somewhere i have read that 7.0 - 7.4 = 3, but check once.
  12. Oh my. I also got told to wait 3 weeks after the deadline. I’m running out of patience
  13. Anyone would have told you admission starts in October for Winter. Masters have limited spots so they can't admit early they have to wait and admit the best applicants.
  14. Yes I applied in June, that’s why I’m feeling the whole delay. My deadline was September 15th and 3weeks from then will be the 1st week of October
  15. what is your profile bro? and what course did u apply for?

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