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Concordia university Application for winter 2018

Discussion in 'Education' started by Toludadon, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Hello, I want to ask if there are people on this forum who have applied to Concordia University, Montreal for 2018 winter admission? I want such people to drop comments as their application is being processed.
  2. Hey even I have applied for the same(M.Eng Mechanical). 9989360492 ping me on this number
  3. Hi!
    I have applied for M.A.Sc in electrical and computer engineering. I have submitted three reference letters on 6th July but "to do list" of myconcordia is not updated yet.:(
  4. Bro... It takes time... I have applied on April 11 and my to do list was updated on may 26. And no update since then
  5. which other universities have you applied to? do you have any idea about Concordia university's acceptance rate?
  6. No idea about the acceptance rate bro. I have applied in Dalhousie(reject) Manitoba(almost reject) Ottawa Concordia and Windsor
  7. I have applied for MEng. Industrial for Jan 2018 term. My file is being assessed. Anybody got acceptance for winter 2018?
  8. I have applied for M.Eng mechanical for January 2018... I have applied on April 11 and my file was under assessment from May 24(10 weeks)
  9. Can you guys share your profile?
  10. Hi.. did you apply to winter 2018 admissions to Dalhousie? When did they inform you?
    I have also applied in Dalhousie for MACS course for Jan 18. There has been no progress on my application yet. I mailed them last week but still haven't gotten any reply..
  11. Did u hear anything from them? 10 weeks is too long! :confused:

    My profile:
    BE Mech. - 8.1CGPA
    IELTS - 8 bands overall not less than 7
  12. Any idea when they would start with winter decisions?? Please share it if you have any info here..
  13. Any update anyone?
  14. They are on leave bro... You should wait till September 5
  15. Hey.. is that so? I've sent 2 mails to the program coordinator and have not received a reply yet. So, I am wondering that maybe the reason? Also, just out of curiosity, how did you know come to know about this? Did you call them?

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