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Common-Law Relationship Separation After Receiving PR in Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by patryk, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Quick question. I have received a Canadian Permanent residence as a common-law. Half a year after receiving my PR, the relationship took two ways with me and my Canadian ex-girlfriend.

    Although we are still in good terms, how do we go about things?
    a) Do I need to inform the government of Canada about my change in our relationship?
    b) Will I lose my PR due to circumstances?
    c) Will it be difficult to renew my PR after the expiration date in the next 4 years?

    Many thanks!
  2. No to all of it.
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  3. Thank you 21Goose. Do I file my taxes as common law or single? I believe she already filed hers as single.

    Also, would she need to be my sponsor again when it comes to renewing my PR after 4 years? Or can I process as a single and later try for a Canadian citizenship?
  4. Single, but ask a tax expert if you have a complicated tax situation.

    You do not need a sponsor anymore. You're a PR. Your status has nothing to do with her now. The only limitation for you is that you cannot sponsor a spouse/common-law spouse for three years. Now you simply need to follow the rules applicable to any PR (Residency Obligation, don't get into trouble with the police) and you can maintain your PR status/apply for citizenship when you qualify.

    Her undertaking to pay any welfare bills you rack up still applies for three years. Your breaking up will not change that.
  5. Hello, I need some advice Please. I have applied for PR through EE from outside Canada with my boyfriend of 10 years as common law partners. Things between us have gone downhill since then with us arguing everyday, however we haven't broken up. I can't imagine having to live with him for 2 plus years per the PR requirements once we land in Canada. I know conditional PR has been revoked, would that benefit my situation in anyway? and what would be the repercussion if we don't live together after receiving PR. I'm having severe anxiety over this.
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    If your application is under process and no decision is taken yet and you no longer want to live together, you have to inform it to the IRCC ( as you will be asked at the time of landing about your relationship and better you inform them from now if you are no longer living together ) and you cant withhold such thing.

    You don't have to live with him/her after PR. Sometimes unforeseen situation comes up with everyone's life. There is no condition
  7. would informing IRCC at the time of landing about our plans not to live together cause the PR to be nullified?
  8. There is no requirement to live together for 2 years. Conditional PR only applied to sponsorship apps, not economic apps.

    If you leave him included in your app knowing that the relationship is over, you are committing immigration fraud.

    Of course. You would essentially be admitting to a Relationship of Convenience to allow your ex to get PR even though you don't want to be together anymore.
  9. If you know now that you will not be living together you need to withdraw him from your PR app.

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