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Coming to Canada from USA with no status in USA

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by M.A.C, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Who are you? And why are you typing nonsense throughout the forum? Your information is flawed, you have near zero knowledge therefore you should really try and refrain from answering members who are likely looking for educated, comprehensive information which as stated above you do not posses.

  2. In the paper work, if they apply for visa or FSW they normally asked have you been to any country and did you stay within the time period if they saye they overstayed there visitors visa that's a red flag.because if they did an application for visitors visa and they stated they overstayed in the us that is a red flag. I almost done sponsoring my husband inland and I know that they do not apply for refugee status in another country plus us is consider third country

  3. All I am saying cic,IRCC will eventually question them about the reason why they want asslyum in canada,and of course they do background checks and check out there story out plus there is a third
    country agreement with the United States and if they apply for any other visa they will ask have you overstay in a country.

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