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Coming to Canada after O levels Joining 12 grade directly ?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Ace2000, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Hello Friends,
    I need to clarify some confusion and need some expert advice.

    I've heard that its very difficult to adjust in grade 12 and getting into a good college/Uni later since one has to get Credits, do some volunteer work & need to get Letter of recommendations for teachers etc. and the person would be in lots of pressure and short of time in his/her crucial year.

    1. Is this true?

    2.Can someone advice me regarding the Ontario education system please, what is the cut off date / Age for acceptance in a particular grade?

    3.Can one finish his A levels (1st year) ( O Levels 11 years + A levels first Year) and join College? (without going to High school in Canada)

    4. Is it better to join College/ UNI directly after completing both years of A levels?

    I am very much confused and need your advice.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Did you get any reply???
    I have similar scenario excpet its not O-level but IGCSE and wondering if have any benefit of completing IGCSCE and getting directly into college
  3. I would like to see some experts answer these queries. Meanwhile, you may visit the other similar thread here http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/which-canadian-accept-grade-11-graduates-of-cambridge-system-t248557.0.html
  4. No replies yet ...still waiting :(
  5. Hey bro kch nhi huanda aisa udhar waha ki life bahut achi ae india toh . I am also persuing my 12 and next yr applying for canada . In culinary course
  6. Can any one please advice?
    Thanks !
  7. You should be fine.All the universities have their own testing system .
    i had to take a math test and English test but i got accepted..
    If your English is not up-to par then they will make you take lower level English courses first.
    You don't need any letters of recommendations , nor they will have any affect on your application.
    Some universities do require you to write an essay on why you would want to attend that university though..
    Getting into top tier university such as University of Toronto or University of British Columbia is hard but anything else is easy to get in.
    They want your money after all.

    You just have to submit your transcripts and they will evaluate it. Make sure you apply on time.
    if you are getting good grades in your country you will be fine..
  8. Jatt! Thank you very much for replying, really appreciated.

    I will be admitted to Grade 12 in Canada directly after completing GCE O levels (Grade 11) in Sep 2015 - June 2016 session.

    I am actually aiming to get admission in the same Universities , you mentioned.

    I am worrying about adjusting into Canadian system in Grade 12 directly, since its my crucial year.
    I 've come to know that students choose there subjects in May for Sep session and I may not be able to get Subject of my Choice?

    I have also heard students apply for Uni one year in advance like in Grade 11. Will I ll be too late to apply and will my chances be low to get into these Uni?

    I am also worried about the credits, I am doing all science Subjects, English, English literature etc and gettinmg good grades, Do you have an idea how many credits will i get ? (approximately). Need to get 30 I think before graduation.

    will one year be sufficient to get all credits? I don't mind repeating or Study for an extra year to get good grades.

    Do a person can repeat grade 12 to get his credits? (I ve heard there is one year study for some after grade 12).Will it harm my chances of getting into a good Uni?

    Is french is compulsory as a second language to graduate and what other subjects i may have to do ?

    I know I am asking too many questions, but need to finalize now, Whether to join in Grade 12 in Canada Or applying directly into Uni after completing my A levels in 2017?

    Please reply, I ll be very thankful.

  9. Hi, I'm going through the same scenario you went through. I just wanted to know how you got on and if there any useful tips, thanks.
  10. I have completed O-level in june-15 and in may-2017 i have completed GED.....so i want catch the may-2018 session...will i get accepted to any university??
    Does study gap or GED hamper my admission to university or hamper my study permit??
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  11. Hey! Did you get any response from any university or college. I have also given my O levels(gpa 2) IELTS(7) and GED(not given yet) Desperately searching for any college or university.

  12. Hi Ace,
    We are also in same confusing state .
    Its actually for my cousin sis , she did her +1 from India and right now on visitor visa.
    She took admission in grade +2(for completing her courses of grade 10,+1 to achieve university credits) and applied for study permit to be eligible to study in Canada.
    But unfortunately study permit got rejected, is there any mode we can contact you to get better understanding of things.
  13. What were the refusal reasons?

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