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Come to Canada from Pakistan

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Muskastar12, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I would like to apply for refugee in Canada with my family, please read my application and help me to immigrate to Canada.

    I am a 19 year old girl living in Pakistan. I have a small family consisting of 4 people:
    myself, my mother, my father, and my 3-year-old sister.
    My family is isolated here, due to the fact that my mother originates from Afghanistan,
    specifically from the Tajik tribe. My father, however, is from the Pukhtoon tribe in Pakistan;
    I am a child of mixed race. We face many issues and challenges on a day-to-day basis due to
    my mother’s heritage. She has been married to my father for twenty-three years in Pakistan,
    yet the government refuses to recognize her as a citizen of the country she has been residing
    for majority of her life.
    In addition, my mother’s nationality has impeded with her living as a free woman in this
    country. Her heritage has interfered with her employment opportunities, as she desired to
    work in a parlour with her strong skills in the field; however, no parlours have hired her due
    to her Afghan accent when speaking Urdu. Hence, she has been living as a housewife ever
    Moreover, our relationship with my father’s side of the family is very poor. The reason being
    the same, "She is not amongst us." It has been years since we have heard from them or visited
    them because we are not welcomed and treated poorly with them. On the other hand, my
    mother’s side of the family is scattered. One of my aunts lives in Kabul, Afghanistan with her
    husband and children, whereas my other aunt resides in Ontario, Canada. We have tried
    countless times to spend the summer with our family in Kabul, but have been disappointed
    too often. Each time crossing the border, the officials treat us poorly as my father is a
    Pakistani and they would take him away to delay our wait times, while taking his money.
    Even once we had reached Kabul, my father had to stay indoors to avoid the prejudice he
    would face in public. Thus, we no longer travel attempt to travel to Kabul and spend summers
    and holidays with our family.
    Similar to Christmas and Easter, we have Eid celebrations. For many years, I have spent my
    Eid all alone in the house with no guests or family-wide celebrations. We haven’t
    experienced as my enjoyment and pleasure in these holidays for this reason. Holidays should
    be joyful and spent with others, but in our case, we don't even feel like dressing up. Every
    pastry we make for possible guests end up rotting, as nobody visits us.

    Although I am an adult, I still face the struggles of being bullied due to my mixed race. I am
    the only student out of all my classmates who has not been given a student ID card as I am
    viewed to be partially Afghan. Even though the rules imply I should have a student ID card as
    I attend the school and my father is of Pakistani descent, I still have not received the card. My
    accent differs a little from most people of Pakistan, which has created many challenges, as I
    used to get picked on even by teachers because I spoke differently.

    I am looking forward to hear from you regarding my situation. I hope you consider our case to immigrate to Canada and find peace in our life.

    Best Regards,
    Muska Saleem

  2. Unfortunately these are not grounds for asylum. You have show proof that your life is in danger. Isolation from family and discrimination is not enough. If you qualify for economic immigration that is always an option.
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    Whether you agree or disagree it doesn't change the fact that what OP described, while clearly a very difficult situation for her & her family to be in, does not seem to qualify as grounds for asylum according to Canadian law.

    Regardless, Muskastar12: this forum is only a place for regular people to talk about Canadian immigration, when you say that you hope we consider your case to immigrate to Canada... we can give you an opinion (like the above), but we are not the Canadian Government. Just making sure we are on the same page there.
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  4. Here is some info on Canada's refugee system:
    Here is the Canadian definition for what is required befoe a person gets Asylum:

    "Canada offers refugee protection to some people in Canada who fear persecution or who would be in danger if they had to leave. Some dangers they may face include:

    • torture
    • a risk to their life, or
    • a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment."
  5. Yes I am clear where I am I just needed help and advice with where to go ahead to apply
  6. Thank u so much first of all for being understanding
  7. To apply for asylum in Canada you would need to get to Canada on a visitor visa. Visas are pretty difficult to obtain unless you have strong ties to your home country that would show that you would return after your trip to Canada. The other option is to go to another country and register with UNHCR as refugees and then ask to be resettled. Only a very small fraction of refugees actually get resettled and you don’t chose where you get resettled. The majority just end up stuck in that country. I would encourage you to work towards economic immigration for yourself. If you do eventually get to immigrate to Canada you may eventually be able to sponsor your parents and sister (if she is still under 22 and unmarried).
  8. We have tried visiting visa many times but got rejected. We decides the UNHCR one too but didnt work on it yet.
    I found the website www.cic.gc.ca but I am finding difficulty to find online application for work or immigration so if anyone has ever done this before or knows where to find the online application please contact or reply me

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