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College REFUSED me my SEAT, DEFERRED me to may 2018 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by anmol3598, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. So here is what has happened with me yet.
    I applied for THM1 program at fanshawe college through my agent, received my offer letter after 15-20 days, deposited first semester fees before the deadline 15/9/17. Applied for visa online on 19/10/17, received refusal from embassy on 30/10/2017. Applied for reason for the refusal, waited for a month, no reply from embassy. I thought without wasting any time, I reapplied for visa on 2/12/17 for the same intake, didn't inform my college then. Then i got my visa on 4/jan/2018, informed my college. Fanshawe college replied me with a mail from their manager saurabh malhotra, he said " please don't arrive, we can't give you a seat, please deffer to may intake". I was shocked that how could they refuse me my seat as I had paid my fees on time, how can seats fill up bcoz I have my offer letter with me. After exchanging few mails, they said that I don't have any other option than deferring to may intake. so here are my questions from you all, whom i believe in. :)

    1. Does my college have any right to fill up my seat without informing me? and deferring me to next intake?
    2. I have my visa with me now, i know i can go to canada right away. But is it legal for me to work there, as I have been deferred to may intake?

    please guys help me as i don't want to waste my time and money anymore.
  2. You option is only to go in may now. but can not work before classes.
  3. thank you sir for your reply,please answer my first question too.
  4. May be they have . I don't know exactly.
  5. Your college was informed that your visa was denied and that was why they gave away your seat. There are usually no approvals made for the January session after December 1st. Most students who received an approval on January 4th would also not want to relocate on such short notice. Also very expensive to buy a plane ticket that week and you would need to find somewhere to live. Not really a big deal to be delayed for 4 months.
  6. My bro got his visa two days before his flight, he got an email from Fanshawe College that they dont have enough seats available. he can either get his refund or apply for Sept intake.
    agent replied for september intake and now they sent unconditional offer letter for Sept.
    but my bro is already in Canada.
    ANy suggestions, please?
  7. He shouldn't have gone to Canada without confirming his seat from college, as now he has already reached there, he can argue or try to talk with college officials to give him his seat for the intake. I've heard many cases where students land up in Canada at their college and getting denied for their seat, but students then have no other option, they tried to convince the college to get their seat and they succeed.

    As of now he can't work legally there, it would be really expensive for him to live there. Tell him to try his best if the college allows him to sit in his classes, or try looking for an illegal cash job to survive for next few months and also apply for a visa extension just in case college officials don't agree.
  8. Do not look for an illegal cash job. Do you not think that there may be questions in the future about how you supported yourself when you arrived months before your course. If your longterm plan is to do PGWP why risk all that time and money by working illegally and risking it all.
  9. @AvNv you should listen to @canuck78 why risk everything when the future is still very bright.. his case is just a minor one which can be easily resolve
  10. Hi Friends...
    I need help...

    Can any one please lemme know that why colleges refuse to give the seat even after releasing an offer letter & Fee receipt. If student has paid the fees in time then colleges should reserve the seat for them.. what is the actual reason behind refusing..??

    Is it a student mistake... how to avoid this situation
  11. Bro then what you did .. how you handled this situation??

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