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Closed Work Permit to Open Work Permit


Nov 22, 2018
Hi Guys,

Have a situation here. My wife is in a closed work permit until 2020 and am on Open work permit, however her project is winding up towards the end of July. We got the PR invitation and submitted all documents. Could anyone please help me with the answers for the below

1. Is there a way to convert her closed permit to open work permit by approaching CIC and explaining them the scenario?
2. Can i (on OWP) continue to work with my current employer even my wife's permit expires?

Appreciate if someone can help me with the same.


VIP Member
Jun 18, 2017
1. No you can’t change the closed WP to OWP.

2. Yes you can keep working until your SOWP ends. Expiry date should match your spouse’s closed work permit.