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Cleanliness of water/lakes etc. in the Ontario region

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mira_johnson, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Got ya. So the shipping-business is not really separated to the river where people might swim. What a shame, good for Canadian trade though. I heard there are tons of beautiful sandy beaches all over Ontario(?), perhaps not the smaller lakes.
  2. As an additional aside... The water in the city you grew up in or have spent the most time in likely has a taste / flavour based on where it comes from and how it's purified. You just don't taste it because that's what you're used to / have spent the most time drinking.

    My husband is convinced his home town has the best tasting water. I find it very metallic tasting and don't like it - he can't taste the metal at all.
  3. They took the fluoride out of the water in Windsor (maybe it was London) and the cavity rate increased a lot. We are talking about minuscule amounts not like mouthwash or dental treatments.

    There are tons of lakes, rivers beaches around. Wasabi beach, elora gorge, muskoka, lots of lakes between Belleville and Kingston, etc.

    Many of these lakes would require cottage access so make sure there is a public area. Google. You will find lots of examples.
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    It's true what you say, familiar can make us blind. I also read that the amount of chloride they add is considerably more than what I am used to. But if one wouldn't swim in the water they drink, then its obvious that chloride or other bacteria-killing substance is crucial
  5. Makes me wonder if theres anything in the water or substance used to clean the water that could cause cavities, used to balance it out? If not, I'll still agree to disagree. They researched level of cavities, but did they research the difference in overall physical health? If the goal is to drink 2-4 litres of water a day, I want to make sure the water I drink is totally safe for all of me, not just my teeth o_O I'll look up the places you suggested, thank you for the info !
  6. Loads of people swim regularly in Lake Erie (I am thinking in particular of Port Stanley) and of course Lake Huron (Georgian Bay) around Collingwood (Balm Beach, Wasaga, Wymbolwood, Woodland etc.).
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  7. I gotta admit that when looking more closely at a map I'm realizing just how many lakes that must be existing nearby Toronto or at least in the Ontario region. So I guess one of the only and hardest pill to swallow is to get used to lakes rather than the ocean but as I mentioned earlier, Lake Huron truly stands out and is much larger and clearer than an average lake. The bigger question is probably how to get to these lakes by public transportation, but this is another forum thread :) Thank you guys for your inputs, I'll be checking in again if anyone have any more to add- I'll gladly accept as much information as possible
  8. Not sure why you are targeting the larger lakes. The smaller or medium ones are often nicer. Getting to lakes via public transportation will be quite difficult. Perhaps going to somewhere like wasaga beach. Would suggest you do the outing when you have access to a car or a friend with a car.
  9. Swimming in the lakes from a proper beach is quite safe. If public transport is your issue, you could try the train from TO to Cobourg (west of TO on Lake Ontario), great beach and swimming. Or take the Greyhound bus from TO to Collingwood then a taxi to Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay.
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  10. Getting to places where you can swim requires a car. Forget about public transportation unless you're prepared to spend a lot of time and money.
  11. But Ontario has direct access to the ocean - look north to James Bay!
  12. Yeah, but a bit far for a day trip on public transport I suspect!
  13. Doubt most people know where James Bay is. Definitely would need a survival suit if you went swimming in James Bay.

    Swimming in lakes is going to very difficult without a car. Enjoy the beaches in Toronto when they are safe.
  14. Hey steaky, How is James Bay on the ocean, isn't it on Lake Huron?
  15. Smaller lakes always look more sketchy to me, like the still-standing waters and lack of space make them sick with bacterias and algaes more easily.
    Does anyone have any experience with Parkbus or First student Canada bus lines in the summer? I heard they are going to nature-destinations like lakes, parks, trails, etc.?

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