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Clarification on Vacation Time


Jan 16, 2019
My last few jobs in Canada were very clear and flexible when it came to Vacations, and I've also worked in Germany for a few years where I had 30 days of paid vacation that I could take any time I wanted to, for example 2 days one week, 5 days on another, up until all 30 days are used, and that's how my previous Canadian jobs worked as well, though it was only 10 days.

Now I have just become entitled to vacation time in my current job, which says I get "2 rotations" of paid vacation. 1 rotation for me is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday (12 hour shifts), so I get about half a week for my weekend, by contract I am not required to ever work Thursday, Friday, or Saturday as it's my designated weekend. So I am technically only getting about a week of actual vacation time, but they justify it by saying I'm technically not at work for 2 weeks of the year, so that's my 2 weeks of vacation, even though that's including my regular weekend.

This is completely bizarre to me since I've never even heard of a company working this way before, but they've been around for a log time and have apparently been doing it this way all the time, so I guess it's legal? Really doesn't seem like it.