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CIC epic failure stories

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by collaborateur, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the "not so funny" stories with the cic here. I chose the visitors forum since I think this is where many stories will be. I'll share my story here.

    I've a wealthy relative who was thinking to come to check on the situation here in Canada and see if he can move some of his business here and maybe immigrate as an investor.

    so he applied for a visa and since he was from a ME country there was no surprise he got a background check. Now let me tell you that he provided bank statements that showed he has millions and his business documents...etc, plus he travel to many places including many trips to Europe, Middle East, China, India, South East Asia in addition to some African countries...

    anyway he waited his background check for....A YEAR...after a year they requested more info on the family, which he provided...at that point he forgot about traveling to Canada and he probably wasn't planning to do it anyway but he just scanned what they wanted (passport, marriage certificates ...etc) and after a couple of months they told him to give them his his business plans in canada and what he is planning to invest in ..etc.....

    what? the man was just wanted to check the place and see if he likes it or not and you want him to have a business plan already...he basically told them he is not interested in giving them any extra info and he got his refusal..

    now let me think of the amount of the gigantic bureaucratic waste of time on background checks they conducted (they probably contacted the countries he traveled to, i guess), all that before asking him for the "business plan" and then a rejection....so ineffective and waste of time...anyway the guy after waiting for months for the visa had no interest in Canada and he had moved his business to another country, i don't think they should expect people to stack their lives based on the non-deterministic process of the visa as is....

    you're welcome to share any interesting stories that you might have,
  2. Then it looks like he was correctly refused because he did not fulfill IRCC’s request for information.

    It also proved that he wasn’t serious in doing business in Canada after the extensive background check, perhaps to check if his wealth was from legitimate sources.
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  3. Agreed.

    Your relative was correctly refused. By stating the purpose of visit as wanting to explore the possibilities of moving his business to Canada, he clearly indicated his intention to move long-term.... which is not expected of a visitor.

    As for background checks that take one year or longer:
    1. There are a number of cases posted on here where applicants went through background checks of one year or more.... especially those working in the defense services or police.

    2. Or consider a recent case of an applicant who has Australian PR + a Canadian spouse + a Canadian baby daughter. He went through a stressful wait of one year in background checks only to be refused at the end of it. But, obviously IRCC must have reasons to refuse him
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